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Nothing can dim the light that shines within – Maya Angelou

Jayne Mcglashan 

" Reading Jennifer's blog encouraged me to make drastic life changes"


This Is What I Do


My Experiences

I share stories and experiences of my life on my blog. Mainly focusing on how my health and spirituality have evolved.


I Hope People Learn From Me

I am passionate about being honest on my blog. Sharing real information that people can relate to and learn from is important to me.

Sharing My Journey

Documenting my life on my blog has been a great outlet for me and my readers have become a second family.

Health & Fitness Blogs

Active Lifestyle
Health & Fitness
Jennifer Eaves

How To Be Consistently Active

An active lifestyle is not necessarily synonymous with working out in the gym. Active living simply refers to a lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet

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keto lifestyle
Health & Fitness
Jennifer Eaves

The Guide To The Keto Diet

When you begin to implement the keto lifestyle, you will find that your diet drastically improves. The foods you eat become much more beneficial to

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About me

I'm Jennifer, a wife and mum of two. I decided to make a change in my life 3 years ago, by investing in my health and spirituality.

I started my blog around 3 years ago to document the changes i was making in my life. I knew at the time i wasn’t truly happy and something had to change. 

I embarked on a journey of connecting with myself and my spirituality, mainly through yoga. 

I hope that by sharing my journey, knowledge, learnings and advice on my blog, i will help others.


Family & Relationship Blogs

luxury lifestyle
Family & Relationships
Jennifer Eaves

How I Achieve a Luxury Lifestyle

What is a “luxury lifestyle?” What exactly does living such a lifestyle entail? Does it include living in a mansion with luxurious furniture and gilded

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My Readers

I have been following Jennifer’s blog since the beginning. I never knew how much i needed to change my habits until i read about Jen’s journey. I’ve learnt so much for her and can’t wait to continue growing with her support.

Rosa Lawson

I was in a really bad place when i discovered Jennifer’s blog. Reading her stories and advice made me realise i wasn’t alone, people had the same struggles as me and it was okay. This blog has helped me pick myself up so many times.

Melissa Gomez
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If you need some advice or you have a question or maybe even an idea for my blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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