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8 Oddball May Holidays You Probably Never Heard Of


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There are some strange and weird-sounding holidays celebrated across the country throughout the year. These oddball holidays are popular and even though they look wacky, there is some logic behind observing the holiday.

There are reasons why people celebrate these strange holidays and enjoy them. May is a month known for many such oddball holidays.

We have a compilation of eight such oddball holidays that come in May. Have a great time celebrating these unique holidays.

8 Oddball Holidays in May

1. National Truffle Day

The 2nd of May is National Truffle Day. Truffle here refers to the popular dessert chocolate truffles. While the origin of this day is not clear, it is a day when you dig into chocolate truffles and enjoy them.

Make truffles at home and share the pics on social media with the hashtag #NationalTruffleDay. Don’t worry if you can’t bake, buy them at your favorite store and enjoy them with your loved ones.

2. National Lumpy Rug Day

This oddball day is celebrated on the 3rd of May. Lumpy rug here refers to rugs that have ‘lumps of dirt and grime’. The point here is that rugs, as well as homes, get dirty over time.

Celebrating this day is simple. Clean all the rugs in your home and make them look new. If they are totally worn out, then this is the day to buy a new rug. Rugs have been woven since 9000 years and are a part of every home. On this oddball day, clean up your rugs and your home.

3. National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Now, this is truly an oddball one. The 3rd of May is when people observe this day. Anyone wearing shoes that are differently colored becomes a laughing stock. But on this day, it is acceptable. Eccentric behavior like wearing two different colored shoes is acceptable on this day.

Enjoy this unique day by bringing out your colored shoes and wearing one of a different color each. Show them off to your friends and share pics on social media.

4. National Candied Orange Peel Day

This is truly an oddball day and falls on the 4th of May. Have you heard of candied orange peels? If not, then the 4th of May is when you can try to make it. Place the peel of an orange in heated sugar syrup. It takes many days for the peel to absorb the sugar, after which the candied orange peel is ready.

Celebrate this unique day by making and eating candied orange peels. Share the pictures on social media and also share the sweetness with your dear ones.

5. Free Comic Book Day

Who doesn’t like comic books? As children, you would have surely loved reading comics. The 7th of May is when you celebrate free comic book day. This day originated in 2001, and Joe Field is credited with starting this day.

On this day, there are many book stores that offer free comic books to the public. Find out which stores are participating and drop in to the store. Pick up your free comic book and enjoy reading the comic like you used to do as a kid.

6. National Dance Like a Chicken Day

This is not about chickens dancing but is about a form of dance known as the chicken dance. This is a dance based on a famous song from the 70s. The 14th of May is when this unique day is observed.

Celebrating this day is quite simple. Google how to do the chicken dance and then just do it. Take a video of your dance and share it on social media with the hashtag #NationalDanceLikeaChickenDay. Have fun with your dancing!

7. National Pizza Party Day

The 20th of May is a day you will enjoy for sure. It is National Pizza Party Day. Pizza is one food that you will surely enjoy eating. There is no info on how the celebration of this day commenced.

It is very easy to celebrate this day. At home or at work, get together with your family, friends, or colleagues. Make pizza at home or order them. Enjoy delicious pizzas and celebrate the day.

8. National Don’t Fry Day

This is not about frying food in oil. It is about getting fried in the hot sun. The 27th of May is when National Don’t Fry Day is observed. The day is observed to focus on the threat of skin cancer.

Protect yourself not just on this day but every day by wearing sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing. This ensures the harmful UV rays will not cause any risk.

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