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How to Start an Exercise Routine, And Why You Should


Regular exercise improves both physical and mental well-being. However, the thought of getting in shape can be daunting for some. If you’ve been hesitant to start a workout routine, whether at home or in a gym, check out the infographic below titled “Exercise Tips for Beginners.” It explains why exercise is worth the effort and offers simple tips to help you start and maintain a healthy exercise habit.

There are countless excuses for not working out: lack of time, fear of being judged at the gym, finding exercise boring, being out of shape, not being overweight, or planning to start later. However, these challenges can be overcome, especially when you recognize the importance of regular exercise and how adaptable your workout plan can be. The infographic provides details on these points.

Another crucial point highlighted in the infographic is to consult your primary care physician before starting an exercise program, particularly if you haven’t exercised in a while or have medical conditions. Even with a medical condition, exercise can often be possible and beneficial, as long as you receive proper professional advice on suitable exercises and appropriate intensity levels. For more information, continue reading below.

Infographic created by Apogee Fitness, now offering an invigorating HIIT workout class
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