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How to Handle the Online Shopping Boom as a Landlord


An increase in reliance on e-commerce and parcel delivery have caused problems for landlords and multi-unit residential property managers who now have to become mailroom experts to keep their tenants satisfied. Reports from all around the world demonstrate an incredible increase in the number of packages moving through supply chains. Germany, for example, has seen increases of nearly 4 million parcels per day. (https://www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com/features/coping-with-covid-19-deutsche-post.html) Other countries show a similar trend, and the increase shows no signs of slowing down.

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Per person delivery numbers continue to climb due to Covid-19 and other factors.

What Is Mailroom Management Software?

Mailroom management software and internal parcel tracking software is used by businesses and residential buildings to automate and manage their mail room. It allows all workers to process both incoming and outgoing parcels quickly, easily, and with complete oversight. Most importantly, it does all of this and more without the normal risk of user error. Every part of the in-house logistics process happens almost automatically with simple scanning and notifications rather than relying on multiple people to do their job with 100% accuracy and speed.

The software helps the user automate the entire process so that residents get their packages more quickly and without any mistakes. These types of digital mail systems are becoming increasingly popular because old-fashioned spreadsheet or logbook options cannot handle the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping.

Landlords Have a New Opportunity to Shine

The satisfaction of every resident who receives a package is your responsibility. With obsolete logbooks and simple spreadsheets, it is impossible to handle current volume successfully or securely. An automated system that handles delivery records and notifications creates the best impressions and positive reviews without much effort on your part. The best mailroom management software makes you a landlord of note who obviously has their finger on the pulse of what residents want.

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