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Choose the best photography style for your wedding.


A bride knows the importance of wedding pictures on her big day. During your wedding day, time can pass you by so quickly you simply won’t remember the details the next day. The best way to plan a perfect wedding is to have a handy list of must-have wedding photos. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your photographer nails every photo opportunity, from the chaos of getting dressed, through the emotional ones, to the candid cameos and carefree exit shots. 

According to Hitched, wedding photography costs between £1,600 and £3,200, with the average UK wedding costing £31,974, which is about 5% of the total wedding budget. It is important to keep in mind three main components when it comes to understanding wedding photography styles – the photographer’s approach, the equipment, and post-production editing. From timeless classic to natural, we’ve got all the details on wedding photography styles to help you narrow down what you really want for your big day. 

Dark and Moody Style

This rich style takes centre stage while marrying a romantic aesthetic with an edgy touch. A cinematic style of wedding photography that plays with sharp contrast and strong shadows. Lighting plays an important role in dark and moody wedding photography. It can be produced using natural light or by bringing in lighting equipment for the wedding.

Traditionally Classic Style

It is likely that you envision wedding photos in the traditional or classic style when you think of weddings. Because of its classic look, this timeless and elegant style is most commonly used for wedding photos. Typically, these photos are staged, formal shots taken at eye level. You might come across this style very often in family photo albums that showcase family and wedding party portraits. 

Candid Documentary Style

A documentary aka a relaxed wedding photographer recreates an everyday relaxed ambience capturing precious moments you will treasure as you look back on your special day. Today, there is a trend towards minimal, more intimate weddings with a fun, carefree vibe. Whether you want epic group photos or informal shots with your beau, this is the way to go if you need authentic and real wedding photos.

Vintage Warmth Style

In vintage-style photos, orange and yellow sparkling tones create an alluring atmosphere, almost like a never-ending sunset. By using special filters or editing, your photographer can create a soft, ethereal vintage feel – enhance brown tones with sepia hues. Outdoor or destination weddings look great in this wedding photography style. 

Editorial Or Fine Art Style

This style of wedding photography uses artistic images to tell a story. To create an aesthetic representation of the wedding day, picturesque settings, angles, stylistics, compositions, lighting, and poses are curated by your wedding photographer. Editorial wedding photography is the best choice if you want to capture over-the-top style, elegance and drama.

Make sure you communicate the wedding vision to your wedding photographer and select someone who understands your wedding style. Weddings can be a whirlwind, however, hiring an experienced wedding photographer with the right skills and knowledge can make a world of difference. Always prepare for the unexpected, such as unfavourable lighting, wardrobe malfunctions, schedule changes, poor weather, and a disorganized drunken guest list. When it comes to capturing a wedding, remember to embrace the chaos because sometimes it is the frenzy that creates the most wonderful photographs.

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