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Where to Find a Reliable Criminal Background Check Service in New York


The best New York City background check services search for criminal records for individuals and businesses to verify. You can use the best background check services to go a step further and search information related to real estate, businesses, or simply look for someone that may have called you when you did not recognize their number.

The scope of background checks

Background check services are different from credit checks and police checks because they just use publicly available databases (or sometimes private databases as well) to search information about a named individual or persons.

Some of the most comprehensive background check reports offer many of the core pieces of information a background check should, including relatives, addresses, criminal histories, court judgements, bankruptcies, and assets. However, you may not necessarily be looking for an all-encompassing report, which will undoubtedly come with an associated cost.

The typical criminal background check NY based initiators need would likely be with a company that has earned points for reliability, was founded a good while ago, and offers record searches for criminal crimes, address information, and expedited searches.

So basically that would be one which offers various background checks, including employment verification, public records checks, and individual criminal background checks.

Do you qualify?

Typically, background check companies are not providing services to your average consumer who has only a personal issue, but rather are offering Credit Reports and other privately held government records for qualifying business-to-business purposes. This is the value that the services we have reviewed offer: They do the legwork for you, some either using web-crawling software to scrape publicly available data, or buying the information wholesale from companies such as Facebook and Twitter, which require users to agree to terms that let the companies sell their information.

So it typically does not provide any sort of consumer report (credit checks) and only provides “truth-finder” services to individuals looking to conduct research for purposes of a missing person search or protection – not as a check on a professional or residence agreement.

You’ll have to enquire to know for sure

Please feel free to contact their offices with questions regarding NYAOC, or to see how they can tailor your search profile based on the needs of your business to conduct background checks in New York.

New York nuances

In New York, Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) as well as employers are required to comply with the State, local, and Federal laws governing employment background checks, including what information may be collected and used in making hiring decisions. When working with a trusted provider of employment background checks in New York, you can trust that you are getting complete, FCRA-compliant, and relevant information about your job candidates.


Examples of checks performed with more comprehensive employment background reports include an identity verification and global watch list examination. An employment background check may include, but is not limited to, an individual’s work history, education, credit history, motor vehicle records (MVRs), criminal record, medical history, use of social media, and drug screens. Access to criminal history records for the purpose of employment or licensure is permitted only when a State statute, Federal statute, or a local New York state village, town, city, or county law expressly authorizes the employment or licensing of a fingerprint-based criminal history record search.

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