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Wheat Bags – Your new best friend


Do you suffer from pain, aches or bruising? Have you tried painkillers and would like an all natural, inexpensive, Chemical and drug free and simple treatment for your problems? Look no further! This is why the wheat bag should be your new go-to remedy.

So, what are they?

Wheat bags are – you guessed it – bags of wheat! Or at least traditionally the stuffing is made up out of wheat, but nowadays there are some products filled with other things, for example rice. Now why wheat, you may ask. Well, wheat is cheap, thus allowing manufacturers to keep costs down and offer an easy and inexpensive alternative remedy for pain relief. Also, the wheat retains heat and cold extremely well and allows you to shape the bag after the area you want treated. The bags are made using different fabric covers, some like the cozy fleece, others prefer cotton, but the most popular ones are often made out of soft linen. Inside the cover is often the bag of wheat, and this allows you to take off the cover and wash it after use in order to keep it fresh and clean.

The bags come in different shapes and forms, all made to help with different things. Some are bigger and used for example neck, back and knee pain, and some are smaller and are used for soothing tired and dry eyes, helping with migraines and other ailments. You can of course use any size that fits you and fulfills your needs.

How can I use the wheat bag?

A wheat bag can be used for many things and you can use it almost any way that you would like, however it is always good to know how you should or should not use your precious pain reliever! So here are a few tips! Heated wheat bags are most commonly used for most aches, cramps and muscle pain, even pain related to arthritis. You can heat most wheat packs in an oven or microwave, just make sure to have a look at the directions of use before you put it somewhere it shouldn’t be. If you wish to use a cold wheat bag you can leave it in the freezer and voilà! You have a chilled wheat bag which is effective when treating for example swelling and inflammation.

The wheat bag can however also be used in other ways, you can use it chilled to help soothe sunburnt skin, and many use the heated wheat bags during cold winters, putting it on cold hands or feet in order to warm them up.

And as if that’s not compelling enough for you, then you should know that you can also add scent to your beloved bag! Some companies sell them scented from the beginning, so if you want you can buy one that smells of lavender or eucalyptus. You will however need to revive scent as the bag is being used as it tends to diminish over time. It is very easy to apply or reapply scent, you just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil after heating it and and you get aromatherapy while soothing aches or pains!

Those are just a few examples but the list could go on and on. A good general rule of thumb however is to use your common sense. You should for example not use a wheat bag to treat an open wound or anything that requires a sterile environment, and of course you should stop treatment and consult with your physician if you feel any sort of discomfort!

A mutual relationship

One thing you should remember is that as your wheat bag takes care of you and your aches and pains you should also take care of it! After many uses it is ideal to help your wheat bag stay hydrated. The easiest and most usual way of doing this is to put in a small glass or container of water while heating your bag, then the wheat bag will be as good as new for a long time! Now, you may wonder, why you should make sure that the bag stays hydrated? Well, for one, keeping the wheat in the bag moist will make sure that it will keep its ability to retain heat so that you can use it for a long time. It will also help reduce the risk of eventual charring. A wheat bag that is too dry can start to smell burnt and in some cases it can even catch fire!

You should also try to wash your wheat bag from time to time, as mentioned above, many have removable covers that you can easily take of and throw in the washer. There are also those who don’t have the covers, then you can spray the bag down with some water and wipe it off. Take caution not to get it too wet though, for this will cause the wheat to mold.

Where to get your wheat bag

No matter what your preference is, there is a wheat bag out there for you! So if you’re looking for a sustainable, simple and drug and chemical free pain remedy you now know what you can try! If you have trouble choosing between the many different websites offering Wheat bags, have a look at London-based Blästa Henriet. They use sustainable linen flax and Cotswold wheat and offer different Scandinavian designs all inspired from their Scandinavian roots!

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