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Using The Power Of Color Psychology In Kitchen Design


So, what is color psychology? Put simply, it is the study of how colors affect us. From impacting our mood to influencing emotional responses, color can be very impactful on the human mind. There is a lot of research behind the various concepts of color psychology, including studies on how to utilize it in home décor. This involves color theory, which is the practical application of hues, shades and tones to put those psychological concepts into effect.

What does all this mean for your kitchen? That depends on what you want to accomplish with the space. If you want to make your space look larger, consider choosing wall colors that match the counter and cabinets. To maximize the effect, opt for a harmonious color scheme with everything in similar light shades. This is why a monochromatic color scheme of varying tints of white is commonly seen in kitchens.

Want to learn more about kitchen color theory? Check out the accompanying resource for further information.

Kitchen Color Theory from George Apap Painting, a provider of professional painting services
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