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Travel Apps You Need on Your Phone for Your Next Trip!


Traveling is no longer an anxiety-inducing hassle it once was before technology entered our lives. Travel tech has advanced so much so that we now have numerous travel gadgets and travel apps that make our trips even more manageable and hassle-free. Downloading the right travel apps means saving your precious time and money all the while having the best trip of your life!

These apps are designed to recommend hotels, places, and hidden gems that you don’t see enough of. Plus, you also get great discounts and promos on hotel accommodation, events, adventure parks, and much more.

To help you plan your next trip to the dot, we recommend downloading the travel apps listed below. All you need is a good internet connection to download these and you’re good to go. AT&T Internet offers the fastest speeds at the best prices. Check out AT&T bundles and internet plans to download these user-friendly travel apps and stay connected on the go!


Packing is a hassle. Especially last-minute packing. The last thing you want is to not find essentials on your trip when you need them the most because you forgot to pack them. Well, there’s an app for that now. PackPoint is designed to simplify this anxiety-inducing activity for you. It allows you to create a customized list of everything you need for your trip.

 All you have to do is enter your destination, the activities you will do and your length of stay, and voila! It comes back to you with a full-fledged list of things you need to pack for the trip based on the weather conditions and the activities. You can also save the list for future trips. You can share the list with your travel buddies too! The app is available for download on Android and iOS.


Trip planning is exhausting and surely makes you hungry. And when you have no time to spare or the mental capacity to explore the airport, you don’t really know what food options you’re missing out on. This is where Grab comes in to save the day. It allows you to check out all the food options available near your gate and also gives you the chance to pre-order your meal before you arrive at the airport so you can quickly grab it and be on the way.

The app is operational at over 50 airports across the world and brings you the best food options at the airport to make your layover as comfortable and yummy as possible.


Fluctuating prices make it super frustrating and confusing for you to decide if you should wait for the price to drop or book right away. Thanks to Hopper, you don’t have to go through that agony anymore. The app is designed to predict the best times to book your flights. It brings the cheapest fares for you to pick from, so much so that you can save up to 40%! It monitors the fluctuating prices on the flights selected and notifies you of any price drops. Users can also compare the prices of more than 200 airlines to know where and how they can save up more money.


When you’re traveling, you obviously have to create a list of the best tourist spots and happening places around your destination. Headout will show you the best shows, experiences, events, tours, and attractions nearby and notify you of activities to do at cheap prices. It’s available on Android and iOS. So if you want to have the most enriching travel experience of your life, download Hopper now!


Don’t we all hate it when we’re unprepared for unpredictable weather conditions during our trip? With WeatherBug on your phone, you can always be prepared. The app provides weather forecasts on hundreds of thousands and millions of locations worldwide, on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. You can also track different factors like humidity, lightning, rain, and wind to pressure to prepare beforehand. The app is easily available for all iOS and Android users.

To Wrap It Up

Traveling gives another kind of adrenaline rush! And the most exciting part of traveling is planning. With these travel apps on your phone, planning for your next trip is ten times more fun and easier!

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