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Top 7 Tips When Buying Apple Products Online


The yearly release of new Apple products goes to prove what many people already know—the “cult of Apple” is real. However, any person who likes to scour the internet searching for great deals will tell you that these gadgets don’t come cheap!

Ask anyone who owns or has owned a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iMac, or an iPod Touch. The products offer superb performance, which helps explain their high prices. But you don’t have to worry about their high costs if you already know how to use a coupon code.

In this article, we will look at the top tips to consider when undertaking online shopping for Apple gadgets. You can also learn where to find the best voucher codes to get discounts for online shopping. Visit here to learn more about voucher codes and where to find them.

1. Consider Buying Refurbished Items

Provided you don’t need to acquire something brand new; you can save more by purchasing refurbished items using a coupon code. Buying refurbished products through the Apple store online is a great way to save on the cost of acquiring a new gadget.

What’s more, the products work just fine, which means you don’t have to worry about constantly having the gadgets repaired. Those familiar with these items believe they cost less and can last for a long time when properly maintained.

Buying a refurbished gadget means you’ll be getting last year’s model, which is fine as long as you aren’t looking to get the latest devices. Additionally, you’re guaranteed to get more bang for your buck, making it easier to buy a good product within the set budget.

While there isn’t a reason to break your bank with Apple products, a little planning can help you save more in future purchases.

2. Sign up for Apple’s Credit Card

The company recently revamped the Apple Store Credit Card. It provides its users with 0% interest financing on all purchases made through the store, provided that they do so within the first thirty days of opening their accounts.

In some cases, the promotion can last for as long as eighteen months. If you would like to use a credit card to finance your acquisition of Apple products, this type of financing can save you hundreds of dollars, particularly when used with online coupons.

Furthermore, the Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards allows its users to earn points that they can redeem for Apple Store gift cards and iTunes. You get three points for every dollar spent on the store and two points for every dollar spent in restaurants.

A single point is awarded for every dollar you spend on other purchases.

3. Only Buy What You’ll Need

You don’t need to buy an iPhone just because you have come across great deals on them online. A normal smartphone will do just fine, especially if you would rather spend your money on another handier Apple product.

The trick is to purchase something that you’ll need and use most of the time. So, instead of purchasing an iPhone, why not go for the MacBook or iPad, which allows you to handle many tasks simultaneously and easily handle any workload you throw its way.

4. Wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Almost all authorized Apple Resellers offer yearly Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. You’ll find highly discounted Apple Products and their accompanying accessories being placed on sale during this time.

Some of the places to check out include Best Buy, Walmart, MacMall, and Target. Even though it’s not common, Apple at times provides its deals via its official portals. Begin looking for Black Friday deals when the holiday season is about to start.

5. Wait for Back-to-School Offers from Apple

Apple has continued to offer back-to-school promotion deals for years. The company gets to throw in a free gadget with every iPad or laptop education purchase in these deals. Some of the deals have seen it offer iPods and Beats headphones with every Mac or iPad purchase.

It’s an annual deal that tends to run from August through September, just before the schools reopen.

6. Visit the Apple Education Store

The Apple Education Store provides discounts on Macs and iPads bought by college students, school teachers, parents, and professors. Depending on the gadget you have purchased, you may enjoy a discount of between fifty to three hundred dollars.

Therefore, make it a point to visit the Apple Education store before making any new purchases to help you determine whether you’re eligible for the discount or not. Apple isn’t the only company that offers education deals.

Best Buy has also been known to offer education discounts on Macs and iPads which can run for the better part of the year. Most of its deals are competitive to Apple offerings, making it ideal to compare back-to-school deals as you begin shopping for learners.

7. Check Apple Authorized Resellers

Apple routinely partners with several authorized resellers like B&H Photo, Amazon, and Walmart. In some instances, the resellers have an overstock of certain gadgets and choose to offload them under the initial retail prices.

Some retailers will also provide bundle deals to their clients. For example, the retailer may choose to throw in some headphones, a phone case, or an extra charger with every iPad or iPhone purchase.

Moreover, some retailers may choose to sell tax-free products in certain areas. Depending on your current location, this can make it easier for you to save a bundle of cash, especially when purchasing multiple Apple products.


Apple products are, without a doubt, more expensive than other gadgets. However, this shouldn’t be taken to mean that you should choose to settle for anything less than what you have set your mind to.

Provided you know how to shop online, there are numerous ways for you to save on your acquisitions and reduce the cost of your next Mac, iPad, or iPhone purchase. Combining the use of online coupons with the seven tips above can assist you in getting started.

Use the above tips next time you set your mind on buying a new laptop for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. And make sure to enjoy your new Apple device for as long as you can.  

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