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Tips & Tricks For A Pet-Friendly Outdoor Trip


Exploring the great outdoors can be even more fun by having your furry best friend in tow. If you’re planning to take a pet along on your next hiking, camping or RV trip, there are a few details to take care of first.

To start, pet owners should visit the vet before hitting the road for an extended trip. That way, their four-legged family members are all set with flea and tick protection, vaccinations and other preventive care measures. Another safety measure is to put together a first-aid kit with pet-safe supplies. Research should also be done on the destination’s potential wildlife encounters, the forecasted weather and the closest emergency veterinary hospital. Having these details and supplies on hand could make a big difference in the event of an injury or if there are signs of illness.

For a more complete guide on RV camping with pets, please see the accompanying resource.

Pet-Friendly RV Camping Guide from Parts Via, a provider of camping accessories for sale

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