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Tips On Building A Timber Frame Home


When deciding whether or not you want to build a wood frame house, consider how you are going to use the outside of the house. Timber frame exteriors can be dressed up in any of your typical construction materials, so your wood house can adopt a variety of different architectural styles and blend in to any community. Modern wood frame structures are built using off-site manufactured panels that are precisely engineered, largely including any necessary insulation and weather stripping for a desired level of performance. The frame itself can be made of a number of different types of timber (oak and pine are common), and this type of building is particularly strong in areas where earthquakes or strong winds are frequent.

You may also opt to build your house using a mix of different materials, such as concrete blocks and cedar lumber. Also, it is possible to build your wood frame house during winter, because wood frame panels are pre-fabricated at a factory and are not exposed to the effects of changing weather conditions. Of course, you could construct a wood frame home yourself, using the open-panel system or even SIP technology, but you have to consider different things in that case which would be done otherwise by a professional wood frame building company, such as transporting materials, providing building machinery, providing labor, and preparation of necessary documents. As with any custom construction project, timber frame house building construction budgets are unique for every customer, depending on design and specifications.

As you can see, there are many components to constructing a new home, and much of the total cost to construct your new house, timber frame, will depend on your choices for the home design and the interior finishes. To build your dream timber frame home, you need to work with specialty timber builders who have a passion for working with timber. Aim to create a sturdy and unique timber frame home using our an expertly crafted, custom home building process. If you are considering building or buying a wood frame home, need timber replacement for a house you already own, or simply have questions about overall maintenance, consult the experts.

When building your eco-friendly home, you can probably get away with using large-sized, locally-sourced wood, but pieces delivered from a local mill can range in both size and squareness. The labor costs can also be significantly different depending on where you are building, pushing up or pulling down your overall house price. We are available to incorporate salvaged wood into the building of your house, should you wish to do so, but the option usually adds to the total construction cost.

If you can cut down on the amount of lumber used in your house, that could result in some nice savings for your budget, along with using the timber frame home builders near me approach to your timber home construction (sourcing as local as possible). With pre-fitted lumber, it is easy to save on building time, as the lumber is put together again once shipped to your lot. With that in mind, it will sometimes take the wood supplier several weeks to arrange for your wood packages, particularly if you choose to use wood that is been kiln dried. While movement is a natural phenomenon and is probably going to happen over the life of any wooden product, minimizing it whenever you can is crucial for quality, long-lasting timber-framed homes.

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