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The Power of Place-Based Learning


Place-based learning may seem like a new concept, but it has been around before formal schools were put in place. The idea is simple yet compelling: place-based learning uses the environment around you to learn. It’s the idea of opening up the classroom to the entire world and uses real-life examples and scenarios to grow. Taking education outside the classroom offers numerous benefits to children of all ages, and schools are using a variety of place-based techniques to enhance their curriculums.

This kind of learning can be performed at any time and in any location — in fact, sometimes it’s referred to as “anytime, anywhere learning.” The ubiquitous availability of Internet connections gives learners access to information from nearly anywhere, but it’s not only the aspect of taking the class out of the classroom that has such an impact. Hands-on, or experiential learning can offer students a more comprehensive approach than the traditional classroom approach. Continue reading for more on this!

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