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Moving in tips for newlyweds

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If you’ve waited to tie the knot before moving in together, this can add another level of excitement to your big day. And while the adventure will be fun and the start of your new life, there can be a few hiccups along the way when it comes to bringing together all your belongings.

So, whether you’re newlywed or just finally taking your relationship to the next level, take some note of the few tips to help you amalgamate all your belongings so that your new place isn’t immediately cluttered.

Start packing early on

It’s usually recommended that before any move, you should start the packing and decluttering process at least six weeks before. So, whether you’re already married or the big day is still a while away, it’s a good idea to get things prepared as early on as possible. Plus, if the move is happening near your wedding, you don’t want the packing to ruin your good mood! Get things done early to avoid the stress later.

Make a list

If you’ve both lived alone before, you don’t want to end up at the new house with two microwaves, three TVs, and 64 pieces of crockery.

Sit down together and write down everything you’ve both got. Then you can choose which duplicates to get rid of before you pack. That way, you’re not wasting time packing items you don’t need or having to pay for storage or transportation. That said if there are items both of you want to keep but don’t necessarily need in the house, you can search for ‘storage near me’ and get a great deal on local storage units as a temporary solution.

Downsize your belongings

There are going to be things that you both have that you don’t really need. While you’re getting rid of your duplicate appliances, it’s also worth downsizing your other belongings. Décor like cushions and blankets can be donated and your silverware sold. Why not sell some clothes while you’re at it? You could even host your own yard sale to scale down the number of things you’ll need to pack. The money you make can go towards the first takeaway in your new house. Or you could rent a self storage unit that will store your belongings.

Learn to compromise

There might also need to be a little compromise. If one of you wants to keep the fluorescent bean bag or gaming chair, the other might need to accept and find something equally as silly in return…

While these trivial things have a way of working themselves out, living with your lifelong partner will often mean compromising on certain things – so start now. It’s not possible to bring everything you both own to the new house, and it’s not likely you’ll instantly agree on décor, furniture, and paint colors.

Work together to find middle grounds that are accepted by both of you. Alternatively, you could choose to give control to one another for certain rooms of the house, so you’ve both got the chance to wave your creativity around with no questions asked.

As newlyweds, you’ll have a lot on your plate, from sending out thankyou notes, enjoying your honeymoon, to moving house. Remember to get prepared as early as you can, so you can stay in your loved-up bubble for as long as possible.

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