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How You Can Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation


Perhaps the best way to reduce EMF exposure is by keeping devices far from you. Whether that is a smart phone, a smart meter, or high-voltage electrical lines, more distance between you and your exposure is beneficial, as EMFs dissipate the farther you are. When making decisions through an EMF reduction lens, it is important to decrease the use of EMF-emitting devices, increase the distance between you and an EMF-generating source, and prioritise grounded, hardwired connections over wireless ones. Simply taking steps to decrease overall EMF exposure, while at the same time strengthening the ability of your body to deal with inevitable EMFs, can make a big difference for protecting your health.

Leader in EMF protection, EMF Harmony, readily avails information on protecting yourself from radiation from devices. There is another highly effective way you can shield yourself from this radiation, and it is changing how we look at EMF protection at 5G. You can use radiation-protection devices to neutralise EMF radiation so it has minimal impact on your body. Since it is not practical to live for all, the best way to safeguard against 5G energy hazards in today’s world is by using devices that harmonise or neutralise EMF radiation.

Because EMF-protection devices do not block or reduce EMFs, the only way to know whether or not they are effective is by researching studies of their protective effects on the human body. Instead of discussing just the ways in which you can effectively protect your body from 5G radiation, it is also important that you take a few steps in controlling the usage of a cell phone, particularly one that is already operating at 5G frequencies.

It is becoming more important that you know how to protect yourself and those around you from constant 5G radiation, which is what you are most likely going to be bombarded with, soon, and for. In this guide, I would like to follow up the discussion about 5G radiation by talking about ways that you can decrease exposure to the damaging EMF radiation that it produces. Enjoy new developments in communications technology, taking active steps to protect yourself and those around you from potentially harmful EMF radiation.

Exposure to EMF radiation can be detrimental when we continually have a mobile device near our body for extended periods of time. You are exposed to these harmful EMFs from a wide variety of sources, including your TV, WiFi, small and large appliances, mobile phone radiation, and even your homes electric meters. When you are using a laptop, use the Defender Shield to shield you from the harmful radiation.

If you must use a laptop or tablet while relaxing on your sofa, use the EMF protective blanket or heat shield to protect your reproductive organs. Either place the laptop or tablet on the desk to create a distance, or use an EMF shield (discussed later) to block the radiation. For example, even simply refraining from the habit of holding a telephone against your head when making calls, and using a headphones or speakers instead, makes a huge difference when it comes to protecting you from the damaging effects of radiation exposure.

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