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How to Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy During Winter

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Does your family always feel a bit down during the wintertime? Seasonal Affective Disorder is characterized by a seasonal feeling of depression and is surprisingly common.

Dealing with SADs

If your family is affected by SADs, or even if your family is just looking to improve their health during the winter, there are a few things that you can do to help everyone’s mood.

In this article, we will discuss some tips that can help you keep your family happy and healthy during the winter wherever you are.

Get them active

A study conducted by a group of researchers in Finland found that seasonal affective disorder mainly occurs during the winter and that the mood improvement associated with exercising the muscles improves during this season.

Activities such as walking, vigorous sports, and dancing have all been shown to improve mood during SAD.

Bright lights

Office lighting can make you feel more energetic and help you function better than you would if you were working in the dark.

Just keep your workspace well-lit for a few hours each day when you’re at work and look for lamps or overhead lighting wherever possible when you’re at home. In addition to having proper lighting, make sure to get enough sleep.

Make Time For Each Other As A Family

Make time for one another during the winter, whether it be by going out for breakfast or just spending a few hours with each other sitting on big bean bag chairs watching a movie or playing video games in the evenings.

The company of each other can be a great mental health boost that lasts all year long.

Play Some Games!

A study has shown that video games improve SADs symptoms, and so it is good to incorporate some games into your family’s wintertime activities. Just make sure to take breaks for eating, exercise, and sleeping.

As a side note, this doesn’t have to be video games. It could be something like the classic game Monopoly or some paper and pencil games for older kids.

Go Outside More!

Whether you’re headed outside for a walk or staying inside with the fireplace on, make sure to spend time outside more this winter as it is good for physical health as well as mental health.

Just be sure to pay attention to the weather and stay safe if you’re venturing out in cold weather.

Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep is essential in all areas of life, including mental health.

As long as you’re getting at least eight hours a night every night, there’s a good chance that your family will feel better about the coming wintertime, and it might even help ward off seasonal depression.

Keep Your Body Temperature Up

Keeping your body temperature up is important when you’re feeling depressed or worn down. Even if it’s only by a couple of degrees, it can make a significant difference.

Cold weather is one of the best ways to do this naturally, but you can also use some of the following tricks to keep yourself warm.

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