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How to dress your baby well for all weather


How should you dress your baby in changing seasons? Pick the right clothing to ensure your baby stays warm and comfortable at all times. Read on for more clothing tips.

Whether you are living below the freezing point or sweating it out under the summer heat wave, your baby still demands the best protection from these elements. Besides, the baby is perhaps the newest member of your family and deserves a nice and warm treat.

Part of that treat is seen in how you dress them. And in case you are unsure of how to dress your baby well, learn more from these top 10 tips.

1. Go with layers

When dealing with a chilly weather, it is imperative to dress your baby in layers to keep them warm. These can later be peeled off as the warmth around you gradually sets in. You can start from the vest and build your way up the clothing layers.

Baby vests are a versatile outfit. They act as foundational baby outfits in every season and time of day. In hot weather, you can go for short-sleeved vests and long-sleeved vests during the chilly seasons.

The number of clothing layers you choose for the baby should be at least one layer ahead of your own layers to ensure they are comfortable enough.

2. Complete cover

Ensure your baby is entirely covered all the way from the head to their toes. To accomplish that you can add gloves, mittens, a hat, thick socks, and some boots in case of snow.

3. Add a blanket

When outside, covering your baby with a warm blanket provides that extra layer of security against harsh weather elements.

4. Choose clothing wisely

When shopping for baby clothes, focus on the clothing features that will make dressing your baby easier. Look for clothes that have stretchy fabric or lack strings to avoid choking, easy-fitting sleeves, and a front zip that runs all the way down for ease of a diaper change.

Additionally, only buy the size that fits, is comfortable enough for the baby to be housed in, and is easy to clean.

5. Know the right posture

Dressing your baby can be quite a struggle if you fail to do it right. To avoid the struggle, place the baby on your lap while dressing their upper body. When dealing with the lower half of their body, lay them gently on a changing table or bed.

When putting on t-shirts or baby vests, pull them over your baby’s head first before proceeding to insert an arm at a time through the sleeves.

6. Don’t overheat

Avoid overheating your baby and exposing them to death risk by avoiding excessive layers of clothing or blankets.

7. Use a light hat

Cover your baby’s head with a feathery hat to shield them from excessive sunlight.

8. Adjust the fabric

Dress your baby with garments made of lighter fabric whenever its warm enough outside, even at night.

9. Protect the eyes

Cover your baby’s eyes with sunglasses that offer 100% protection from UV rays.

10. Battle the wind and rain

This battle can only be won by fully arming your baby with a heavy duty windbreaker and raincoat depending on the weather.

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