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How to Convince Your Senior Parent to Move to Assisted Living


In an ideal world, your parents would stay put in their home until the very end. Unfortunately, with an aging population comes a decline in health and mobility. This means your once fit and active loved one may now have health issues that require additional help and support, such as assisted living.

Broaching the subject of assisted living to your senior loved one can be difficult, especially if they’re fiercely independent. However, when it comes to providing the right care, this may be the right option to take. Here are some ways you can approach the conversation and help sway your loved one’s decision.

Plant the Seed

The last thing you should do is approach your senior parent as though you have already made the decision of assisted living for them. Instead, it’s best to begin talking to your loved ones about all the different kinds of senior living options in advance. Laying the groundwork for assisted living will mean they aren’t caught off guard when you bring it up.

Stress the Benefits

Once you begin conversing about assisted living with your loved one, try to highlight the benefits as best you can. Whether it’s all the social activities they can partake in, the facilities, or no longer having to worry about doing the cooking or washing up, try and keep a positive mindset and showcase assisted living facilities in the best light possible. If you remain enthusiastic about this option, this can help in bringing your loved one round to the idea.

Take a Tour

While you can talk for endless hours about assisted living and its benefits, if your loved one is hesitant, why not take a tour of a facility? For example, McKnight Place has a Creve Coeur assisted living community you can check out which will give your loved one a better idea of whether it’s suited for them or not. Use this opportunity as a chance to talk with caregivers, as well as the residents.

Arrange a Family Meeting

If you have siblings, you shouldn’t have to go through the assisted living decision process alone. Therefore, arranging a family meeting can be a good chance to speak to your family members and get their viewpoint on the idea. You can involve your senior loved one in the meeting too. However, try not to make it feel like a done deal or an intervention.

Be Patient

While you may see assisted living as the most obvious choice for your loved one, they may need more time to warm to the option. This means you need to have patience and understand that not everyone will share the same opinion as you. Although it may take time for your loved one to see the benefits of assisted living, once they do, you can be assured they’re in safe hands.

Having the conversation about assisted living with your senior loved is a must, especially if you have concerns about their current health and welfare. Using the tips above should help in bringing your senior parent round to the idea and ensuring they get the best care possible.

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