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How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Home for Your Loved Ones


When it comes to planning for a beloved elderly family member’s future, you understandably want nothing but the best. Assisted living facilities can provide the personalized care that your elderly or disabled loved ones need. But not all facilities are created equal. When the time comes to choose the right senior home and memory care for your aging parents, look for a home that provides personal care as well as proper medical attention. Here are four tips to select the best assisted living home for your loved ones.

Look for a Home that Offers a Complete Care Package

The right senior home should be able to provide personalized, round-the-clock attention, medical assistance when needed, and warmth and friendliness at all times. Search for assisted living near me to see what options are available.

Make sure the home you pick has a good medical team on board. Also, check the daily calendar of activities to make sure the seniors have plenty of opportunities to socialize, and easy access to a number of recreational activities such as movie hours, sports and walking, dancing, etc. The assisted living accommodation you choose should also have staff that can offer personalized care, including help with taking medication on time and personal care activities.            

Make Sure the Home Upholds Safety and Hygiene

The assisted living home you choose should have proper safety and accessibility features such as handrails, wheelchair ramps, grab bars, wide doors, stairlifts, and zero-threshold showers. In addition, doors and gates must be properly secured, since an elderly loved one with dementia can sometimes suffer from a sense of confusion. Moreover, make sure that proper hygiene is taken very seriously, not just for the residents but also for the staff. When you go for the first visit, also be sure to check if tables, corridors, and halls have been kept clean.

Check if the Home Can Help with Both Short-term and Long-term Needs

Ideally, you don’t want to keep shuffling your beloved senior from one home to another as they need more care. Once they settle into a senior home, it’s easier for them to adapt and enjoy their remaining years once they get to know other residents and staff. So, make sure you choose a home that can take care of more complex, long-term needs later, if needed.

Check if the Staff Is Known to Be Responsive and Caring

The home that you choose should uphold a tradition of responsiveness, tolerance, and promptness. Ask around and visit to make sure the staff provide daily care in an attentive and responsive way. When you visit, you can look around or even speak with other residents to check if your beloved senior will be accepted, befriended, and cherished by staff and residents. Make sure the staff respects the dignity of all residents and cultivates an environment of mutual respect and affection.

The right assisted living facility can provide a warm and caring home for your loved ones, and complete peace of mind to you. Choose the right senior home based on the tips given above.

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