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Forklifts – 10 FAQs


What is a forklift?

A forklift is a type of industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. They typically have a small cab for the operator to sit in, and a pair of prongs or forks that can be raised and lowered to pick up and move objects.

What are the different types of forklifts?

There are several types of forklifts, including counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, and pallet jacks. Each type is designed for a specific use and has unique features and capabilities.

Do I need special training to operate a forklift?

Yes. The HSE (health ans safety executive) states that employers must “ensure that all persons who use work equipment have received adequate training for purposes of health and safety, including training in the methods which may be adopted when using the work equipment”. Therefore, anyone who operates a forklift must receive the appropriate training to operate the forklift confidently and safely. Most basic forklift training covers safe operation, maintenance, and handling of materials.

What safety measures should be taken when operating a forklift?

To make forklift use safe for the driver and bystanders some precautions include: wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, inspecting the forklift before use, operating at safe speeds, staying alert and aware of surroundings, and following proper load-handling procedures. Warehouse safety is also an important consideration and managers should assure proper signage inside the warehouse.

How much weight can a forklift lift?

The weight capacity of a forklift varies depending on forklift model. However forklifts are designed to handle large capacity loads. Most forklifts on the market can be expected to handle loading capacities between 2 tonnes to 45 tonnes.

How long do forklifts last?

The lifespan of a forklift depends on several factors, including how often it is used, how well it is looked after and the type of environment it operates in. With the right care and maintenance, a forklift can last up to 10 years or more.

How often should a forklift be serviced?

How often a forklift should be serviced depends on the manufacturers recommendation and how often the forklift is used. Typically you should expect to service a forklift every 200 to 300 operating hours or once a year (whichever comes first). Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of the forklift and prevent costly repairs. FOrklifts should also be checked over by the driver before each use. The operator is responsible for noting signs of damage or improper function.

What is the difference between a diesel and electric forklift?

Diesel forklifts are powered by a diesel engine, while electric forklifts use batteries. Diesel forklifts are typically used in outdoor environments and can handle heavier loads, while electric forklifts are often used indoors.

Can a forklift be used to lift people?

Forklifts are sometimes confused with other specialist lifting equipment designed to lift people safely at height. However,forklifts are not designed to lift people and should never be used to do so. Instead, there are many other suitable lifting apparatus designed for the safe lifting of people in workplace settings and even emergency situations.

How can I rent a forklift?

You can rent a forklift from a reputable forklift rental company such as AEM Lifting. AEM Lifting let forklifts throughout Europe and car arrange transport at competitive rates. Before choosing a forklift rental company, be sure to check the company’s rental policies, rates, and available models to ensure they meet your needs.

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