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Creating Your Relaxing Bedroom Oasis


For most homeowners, whenever they look to refurbish or redecorate their homes, one of the priorities is the bedroom. Though the shared spaces are pretty important, we know that the bedroom should be one of the most relaxing areas around. It’s where you spend your time reinvigorating yourself, a space where you can relax and read a book or watch your favourite shows. So it’s a must for people to have a great bedroom. Although we have our preferences regarding the furniture and furnishings, we need to create a special place. Some people would like fitted bedroom furniture to go with different embellishments. Some would like to keep it simple and minimalist. Whatever works, as long as you get to enjoy the room in its splendour.

Here are our tips for creating your oasis inside your house. Of course, you can mix and match ideas and keep them as personalised as possible. But, as we said, it’s your space, so anything you find comfortable goes.

Start with a vision

Your bedroom, your rules. Start with your vision. What do you want to see inside your room? What kind of a bed would you like? What would you do about the walls? The lighting fixtures, the floor, the cabinetry? Whenever you plan to renovate or redecorate your space, keep these considerations in mind. Lay it all out in your head and find out if it’s feasible.  

Choose your bed

With several options available in the market right now, you have your pick of the best beds around. You can go minimalist, luxurious or basic. You must ensure that you have your bed frame for support and mattress for hot sleepers, which will always keep you cool and comfortable. The structure should be sturdy enough and the mattresses thick enough.

If you are looking for a thick mattress that boasts a luxurious and supportive night’s sleep, why not visit the MyNextMattress Sealy mattress range. 

Do something about your walls

Your walls should also help you relax. Paint them a soothing shade that will evoke calmness and peace. Try to keep it as light-coloured as possible. It’s good to open your eyes and see your preferred colours on your walls. You can also put on wallpaper if you so choose. A few posters or picture frames will also help set the mood.

Consider ambient lighting 

Your bedroom should also have a good source of lighting. It shouldn’t be too bright or too low. A good controllable lamp or some LED lights might also help set the mood. Remember that light affects your quality of sleep, so try to choose the best light for you.

Keep your clutter organised

It would be best if you also had a few pieces of furniture handy. For example, you need your bedside table so you can put away your books or eyeglasses when you’re about to sleep. They’ll also add to the mood of your room.

Accessorise as necessary 

Put as many pillows as you like. Spread carpet on your floor. Put a dehumidifier to keep the air smelling as fresh as possible. Perhaps an alarm clock or music equipment to help you sleep. A potted plant to help clear the air. These are among the things you can place in your bedroom to keep it personalised.


Your bedroom is a haven. You need to ensure that it’ll be as comfortable and as personalised as possible. Creating your space is up to your preferences. As long as you feel good about it, you’ll love using the space.   

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/bedroom-bed-desk-house-home-1078890/

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