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Can a chiropractor help my dog?


If your canine is experiencing minor health problems, it’s only natural to seek the advice of a veterinarian. Not every ache and pain means you should run to the animal hospital, yet you should always watch for signs that your pet needs care. After all, it’s your responsibility as the pet’s parent to ensure that they’re healthy and happy. If you ignore sure signs your dog could use treatment, their mild discomforts can eventually become full-on suffering, and they may develop difficulties moving from one place to the next.

The good news is that you have many options, and taking your canine to a chiropractor is a choice you may not know is available. While you should always perform due diligence ahead of time, here’s how a dog chiropractor can help your canine feel more energetic and more relaxed.

What are the top signs your dog can benefit from a chiropractor?

At first, you might assume that your pet is merely aging, and that’s why it’s struggling to move without significant effort. But in reality, your canine may have developed mobility problems due to muscle weakness and joint problems. You might notice things like the pet suddenly having difficulty walking without a limp, or the pet might not be able to stand for very long at all. When this happens, you might notice the dog’s knees getting a bit wobbly and shaky until they need to rest. Similarly, your canine may be experiencing pains along their back or around the neck area. As such, you need a professional diagnosis to determine the extent of the issue.  

Is there really such a thing as a veterinary chiropractor?

Simply put, veterinary chiropractors do exist. Most likely, they’re not as popular because a pet owner’s first instinct is to take their dog to the veterinary clinic when minor problems surface. Yet, other professionals are available, too, as long as your pet isn’t experiencing a medical emergency. A dog chiropractor can provide a proper diagnosis and a recommended course of treatment. A chiropractor can improve your dog’s flexibility, relieve muscle pain, and provide them with a higher quality of life in general. 

Potential benefits

Dogs benefit from chiropractic exercises and stretch in many ways. Firstly, the dog can finally be rid of pain in the limbs, tail, or jaws. The various massages and corrective procedures make it easier and faster for a dog to recover from injuries, especially if the canine is older. As your dog begins to feel relief, you might notice that they have more energy, eat more food, and don’t mind a burst of activity. After several visits to the pet chiropractor, you can substantially improve the animal’s quality of life.

As you can see, chiropractic corrective treatments are available for canines independent of the breed’s size. The trick is finding a veterinary chiropractor that specialises in treating dogs.

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