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BLB solicitors find shocking CRPS awareness statistics


CRPS is a rare life-changing condition that affects a person’s limbs and sometimes other body parts. Its symptoms are burning or tingling sensation in the limb, extreme pain and loss of mobility and flexibility. It turns people’s lives upside down – not just those who suffer – also friends’, families’ and relatives’ lives.

Who Are BLB Solicitors?

BLB solicitors have been focused on chronic pain compensation claims for many years and one of the conditions they specialise in is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  CRPS Compensation Solicitors know and understand how crucial it is to get the correct treatment early and the financial challenges CRPS patients face.

Why Did They Conduct That Research?

They wanted to get better insights into how many people in the UK may have this condition and found out that the CRPS term was searched 193% more in 2021 than 5 years earlier. This data suggested that the number of people with CRPS is increasing.

Then they surveyed 1,000 people to determine whether they are aware of the condition. The findings were upsetting.

What Did They Find?

After surveying a 1,000 people in the UK,  CRPS compensation Solicitors found that:

  • More than 62% had not heard of CRPS;

  • 29% were not sure whether they had heard of it;

  • Only about 9% said that they had heard of CRPS.

That suggests that only less than 1 person out of 10 had heard of this condition.

Younger vs Older Population – Who Is More Aware?

Interestingly, the younger population appeared to be more aware of the CRPS. More than 14% of the 18-24 age group respondents knew of the condition, as opposed to only 7.25% in the 65+ age group.

Why Do BLB Solicitors Care?

The more people know of CRPS, its causes and symptoms, the quicker they can get their diagnosis. This means their treatment will start promptly and they will have better chances of recovery. However, the issue is that newly-diagnosed patients have many challenges coming up their way – one of them is financial. Not everyone is able to continue working. This is where CRPS Solicitors come in – they help people with CRPS recover losses.

The study on the experience of people with CRPS state that, having visited so many health professionals – from traditional doctors to alternate therapists; public and private doctors – patients had spent large amounts of money and time.

The financial issue is described as a “battle within the war”. CRPS is the war itself and everybody has their unique battles. Nevertheless, every participant appeared to be fighting a financial battle:

–  They would feel guilty for not working anymore and not contributing financially to the household.

– Private health care is a lot more expensive and most can’t afford it;

– Long waiting lists slow down the process of stabilising the symptoms.

– Not everyone could access public transport and couldn’t afford taxis.

Bottom Line

CRPS awareness statistics among the UK population is shocking – only about 9% had heard about CRPS. There are charities and worldwide- communities who are already working on creating awareness, however, more work needs to be done.

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