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Best Types of Blinds to Invest In


No doubt there are more choices to make when it comes to blinds especially if you’re sourcing them from the likes of The Blinds Source, but some of the best types are rated as the most affordable options for those wanting to invest. The first section of this article compares the best affordable blinds for any room and highlights the types of blinds you should look for and the additional benefits that you can benefit from.

Laminate Blinds

If you decide to invest in laminate blinds, there are several options you can consider. The good news is that you can buy these blinds at a low price, but the bad news is that they don’t have the look and feel of laminated wood blinds.

Laminate blinds are known as vinyl blinds, and they’re actually made from a lightweight plastic film that is impregnated with polyester or vinyl for flexibility. This type of blinds works great for larger windows, and the best qualities of vinyl blinds include durability, flexibility, and low maintenance. The downside is that vinyl blinds tend to be only rated for use inside of your home, so you can use them outside as well, but you’ll have to pay more for it. There are also some drawbacks when it comes to using vinyl blinds in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Linen Blinds

Linen blinds are best for window openings smaller than 10 feet. They’re well-made and known for their warmth, so they can be used as a blanket for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The extra warmth also reduces your energy bills, so you can count on these blinds to pay for themselves in just a few years. If you decide to invest in natural light, you’ll get additional benefits like insulation, antifogging, and additional flexibility. The linens can be left for up to two weeks in the summer and up to six months in the winter without damaging the fabric or the exterior. For indoor spaces, linen blinds work better on large windows that face in a particular direction.

Outside of your home, you can find more affordable versions of outdoor windows for your patio, house, garage, porch, or anywhere that has an outside window or door. These will provide all the same benefits as standard outdoor blinds, and you can even order them with an optional push-button lock for extra security. They’re relatively durable and don’t require any maintenance, but they’re not quite as flexible as those made with laminated wood.

Indoor Accent Blinds

If you have a large bedroom or office with an interior window, you can definitely consider an indoor accent blind or two for your space. They’re made from dense foam, so they can be used outside as a standard indoor window shade or inside as a ceiling or door wrap. The good news is that these screens are very soft to touch, but they do tend to be rated as softer than other more expensive options. It’s still the best of both worlds as far as windows are concerned, but it won’t match the high price tag of the best outdoor blinds.

Like outdoor blinds, there are different types of indoor accent blinds. Most of them are fully covered or partially covered.

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