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4 Types of Free Weights Exercises For Beginners


When you think of a gym workout, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is an enormous array of weights and dumbbells. This is the most basic type of gym workout and the way many people begin their weight training workouts. But in today’s fitness world, more people are trying to find new ways to get fit and stay fit with less effort than ever before.

The traditional gym workout can be done with free weights and is often referred to as the bicep or tricep routine. The key to these workouts is to focus on compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. By doing this you will build strength and stamina rather quickly. Some examples of great compound exercises include bench press, military press, dips, pull ups and pushups. There are other exercises that build strength, but these are some of the most common. By focusing on exercises that isolate muscles, you are increasing your potential for injury as well as building strength quicker.

Another type of gym workout that is gaining in popularity is power lifting. You don’t need a spotter for this type of exercise, which is a plus for beginners. The key to performing a good workout with power lifting is keeping the weights on the chest for a specific amount of time. Once you let the weight drop, you then repeat the process again.

Other types of gym workouts include circuit training, which is also known as speed training. While it may sound funny, there are some real benefits to this type of exercise. By doing circuit training, you will burn more calories in less time. If you add this exercise to your regular routine, you should be able to get onto the treadmill or elliptical more easily and reach your goals much faster than if you focused on doing bicep or bench presses. There are even some circuit trainees who do both bicep curls and tricep kickbacks! This type of program will give you excellent cardio vascular endurance.

Lastly, if you are looking to obtain great exercise benefits, adding some barbell squats and deadlifts to your weekly gym workout routine can be helpful. Doing squats and deadlifts with a set of heavy weights is beneficial because they improve your overall posture, thus helping you avoid injury. You can do these exercises with lower weights, though usually no more than about 75 pounds. They also improve your hip flexor, groin and lower back muscles.

When working out at the gym, beginners should remember that beginners should start off with lighter weights or lower resistance. The goal of this type of exercise is to use the momentum built up during the reps to help you build momentum and lift the weights. When lifting with free weights, beginners should focus on using their muscles to move the weight instead of focusing on achieving a strict muscle building goal. For those who prefer free weights, beginners should use dumbbells and should focus on performing single arm curls and single arm extensions. For those who prefer machines, then the machine they are using will provide the resistance needed during the workout routine.

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