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10 Oddball July Holidays


Oddball holidays are a celebration of weird or obscure occasions. These are occasions that would never be commonly celebrated. There is usually some story behind the celebration of these unique holidays.

We have a compilation of oddball holidays for the month of July. There are many such oddball holidays. We have a few of them listed for you. Some of them are extremely weird while some others may make sense. Enjoy reading about ten oddball July holidays.

10 Oddball Holidays in the month of July

1. National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

This is an interesting holiday you will definitely like. July 1st is celebrated as an occasion to enjoy ice cream – not with the regular flavors, but with creative ones. Celebrating this day is easy. Pick a creative ice cream flavor of your choice and enjoy it with your loved ones. Try out unique flavors like oatmeal raisin or lemon thyme or any other such creative flavors.

2. World UFO day

UFOs are oddball, no doubt. There have been so many incidents of UFO sightings that have intrigued people. World UFO day is held on July 2nd. This is a special day because it was the day when the famous Roswell incident occurred in 1947. The day can be celebrated by assembling in open areas and trying to spot UFOs. Alternatively, you can sit with your dear ones and watch movies related to UFOs.

3. Workaholics day

The 5th of July is workaholics day. It is a day to celebrate workaholics who are known for slogging day and night. Workaholics are those who are wedded to their work. They focus so much on work that they have no time for anything else. On this day, once a year, they are encouraged to take a day off. Workaholics can rest on this day and have fun.

4. Pandemonium day

This is truly an oddball holiday. The 14th of July is celebrated as Pandemonium day. A pandemonium is something that happens in many places. There is chaos in many places leading to pandemonium. This is a day when one avoids pandemonium by relaxing. It is a ‘me day’ where you can stay at home and relax doing something you enjoy.

5. National Give Something Away Day

July 15th is a unique occasion celebrated as ‘National Give Something Away Day’. It is a day that celebrates philanthropy. It is a day when you give away something to someone. The day was started in 2015 by well-known philanthropist Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher. It’s a day when you give away anything you want to someone who needs it. Give something and make someone’s life better.

6. Insurance Nerd Day

Now, this is a different day, something that sounds truly oddball. Celebrated on July 18th, it is a day to celebrate people who work in insurance or are interested in insurance. Pioneer State Mutual started this day in 2016 to celebrate its employees and agents. On this day, all those who work in this industry can thank their fellow team members. Others can celebrate people who they know in this industry. Thank your agent for helping you get insured.

7. National Lollipop Day

20th July is National Lollipop day, an oddball holiday. It is believed that this holiday was invented by the National Confectioners Association. It is a day to celebrate the lollipop, something that everyone enjoyed as children. On this day, buy a lollipop of a flavor you like and enjoy it. Buy a few for your friends and family too. Adults rarely buy lollipops, so use this occasion to enjoy the tasty treats that take you back to your childhood.

8. National Junk Food Day

21st of July marks National Junk day. Junk food is something that doctors and other healthcare professionals frown upon. It is but natural since junk food is that which is high in carbs, sugar, and salt. Such food is not good for health and can cause health problems. If you follow a strict diet, then National Junk Food Day is a day to unwind. Diet for the rest of the year and indulge in the food of your choice on this day.

9. National All or Nothing Day

July 26th is National All or Nothing Day. This oddball holiday is when you are encouraged to take a risk and do something you always wanted to. Step out of your comfort zone and do something you always wanted to do.

10. National Father-in-Law Day

Celebrate National Father-in-Law Day on July 31st. On this day, spend time with your father-in-law and show that you care for him. In the process, you will also make your spouse happy.

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