Your Tax Dollars at Work: NIH Spends Over $100 Million on Meditation

Every time you receive a paycheck, there’s always that chunk that gets taken from Uncle Sam. Where does it go? Well a new analysis from the Washington Free Beacon shows that over $100 million in taxpayer dollars went to funding studies on “mindfulness meditation”.

Free Beacon has the scoop:

“The advantage of this is that it actually doesn’t cost anything,” said Karen May, a vice president at Google, explaining how her company offers “mindfulness” classes to its employees.

Mindfulness is a New Age kind of meditation that focuses on the present moment “non-judgmentally,” tracing its origins to Buddhism. The growing phenomenon was the subject of a 60 Minutes segment on Sunday, for which May and other fans of the practice were interviewed. …

A $5,668,102 project targets “automatic eating patterns,” while another is testing mindful eating and “mindful walking exercise,” which Anderson Cooper demonstrated during 60 Minutes by walking as slowly as he could. That project has cost taxpayers $12,916,105 since 2004. …

Mindful meditation is being tested to treat migraines ($1,434,134), as a cure for the common cold ($2,192,599), and a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease ($5,983,580), sickle cell disease ($32,758), Type 1 Diabetes ($2,343,122), Type 2 Diabetes ($706,244), and high blood pressure ($734,857).

Parenting with mindfulness encourages “nonjudgmental acceptance of self and child,” costing$3,137,880. Family caregivers are the subject of another study trying to make them capitalize on “gratitude, mindfulness, positive reappraisal, personal strengths, and acts of kindness,” for$1,002,347.

Read more of the various pet projects your tax dollars fund at the Free Beacon.