Youngest Woman Elected to Congress Serves as Inspiration for her Constituents

At the age of 30, Elise Stefanik was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress when she won her race for New York’s 21st District in November 2014. Rosemary Ferrera writes in the Washington Free Beacon how Stefanik’s combination of youth and competence has inspired her constituents and woman around the country.

Ferrera writes:

Growing up in a small business family that faced constant challenges from taxes and red tape helped form Stefanik’s political principles. Being a member of such an intellectual minority while a student at Harvard tested her on why she stood for the principles that she did. She says it also taught her to listen to the other side.

“It’s not that I graduated from Harvard that I’m most proud of, it’s that I graduated Harvard and stayed a Republican and a Yankee fan,” she says. …

According to Stefanik, being young and female in Congress is not a setback, but a strength.

“Some of the older members of Congress who are great and they want to engage on social media, they actually have come to me on the House Floor and said, ‘Who does your social media?’ They’re sort of disappointed when they find out I do it because they’re not as nimble using social media, but because I am of that generation it comes more naturally.” …

Stefanik embraces being a role model for young people and said she was humbled during the campaign when families from all political beliefs and background brought their daughters to see Elise speak. They wanted to give their children someone to look up to as an example of women’s empowerment.

Stefanik says she will continue to advocate for the Republican Party to nominate “more female candidates to push back on the economic war on women that this administration has been waging. … I don’t believe in the ‘War on Women,’ and am working to be a positive role model to talk about howall policies affect women.”

You can read the full profile of Elise Stefanik at the Washington Free Beacon.