Youngest Congresswoman Ever Says to Fellow Republicans: “Millennials are Up for Grabs”

At age 30, Elise Stefanik became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress when she won New York’s 21st District in 2014. Now the young Republican is holding hearings for others in her party to learn how they can talk to Millennials and bring them into the GOP.

Ron Fornier writes for National Journal:

The youngest woman ever elected to Congress wants to introduce her fellow Republicans to a positive, radically disruptive force in politics: her generation.

“In the private sector, we’ve disrupted entire industries to make sure they’re providing the best quality service to customers and the best products. We haven’t done that in Congress yet,” Rep.Elise Stefanik, from New York, said. “Hopefully, millennials in Congress will bring that spirit of bipartisan solutions to the table.”

The 30-year-old Harvard graduate is chairing a hearing for the Republican Policy Committee on Tuesday designed to educate GOP lawmakers about the challenges and opportunities of appealing to young Americans. “Millennials and the GOP: Learning from America’s Emerging Leaders to Shape Tomorrow’s Republican Agenda” is the first in what Stefanik envisions as a three-part series. …

While millennials favored Democrats in that year’s midterms, Stefanik believes there is an opportunity for whatever party adapts to the millennials spirit of bipartisan problem-solving. “My generation is very tolerant and tries to build relationships and build teams,” she told me in a telephone interview today.

Stefanik believes, with some support from polling data, that millennials would be open to a rebranded GOP that nonetheless supports limited government and bottoms-up approach to governing. “Millennials are up for grabs if we can actually connect with them on those issues.”

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