Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s Indiana Republican primary victory and Sen. Ted Cruz’s exit from the campaign puts Trump in a strong position to win the Republican nomination. However, Republicans are now severely disadvantaged heading into November because women are becoming less and less disposed to accept a President Trump.

The national media has done a disservice to democracy by acting as the country’s largest Super PAC through its free coverage of Trump.

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Yet despite the favorable free media, the more women hear of Trump insulting women for their looks and their temperaments, the more they line up to oppose to him. Gallup reported that women’s unfavorable views toward Trump grew from 58 percent to 70 percent since July. For many women, myself included, Trump fails “the living room test.”

We simply don’t want an aggressive, unstable, unkind force as a constant in our homes for the next four years. Many of us wonder how from a country of 319 million people, Republicans were unable to find a candidate who can’t manage to refrain from calling women “fat pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs,” and “disgusting.”


Source: Gallup

Women are a dominant force at the ballot box. Catherine Rampell from The Washington Post reports: “We have in every presidential election since 1980, and the gap has widened over time. In 2012, the difference in turnout was nearly 4 percentage points (63.7 percent of ladies voted vs. 59.8 percent of gents). The disparity was more than twice as large if you look just at those who have never been married.”

In 2012, Democrats seized on awkward remarks by a few Republican candidates to declare a “War on Women.” Republicans wisened up in 2014 and protected themselves from these claims. Yet heading into November, Trump has set back the Republican Party in its treatment of women, with women taking to the streets to protest the frontrunner.

Trump’s defenders say his harassing language against women is comparable to his invective against men, and so he’s not biased against women in particular. Yet his demeaning behavior is deeply troubling because of our country’s history of denying fundamental rights to women, including voting, owning property and even employment.Trump is heading the government after a rule where the first lady got all the respect and media coverage as the President and is seen as a public figure of equal stature. Therefore, the kind of behavior he is currently letting out from him is nowhere to be accepted. His approach can be compared to the situation when the Minister of Trade shuns the Crypto VIP Club as visually unappealing or a heavy site.

With such strong fundamentals against him, Trump is poised to gift the White House back to the Clintons. Ironically, young women do not favor Hillary Clinton, either. If a smart, reasonable, third-party candidate were to arise, many women — especially Millennials — would pay attention.