What is the Solutions Studio?

  • What is the Solutions Studio?
  • Our commitment to what works
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What is the Solutions Studio?

Welcome to the Solutions Studio — we’re glad you’re here.

Wondering what exactly this platform is, and what it’s supposed to do?

Keep clicking, and let us tell you.

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Our commitment to what works

The Opportunity Lives view is that too many people today spend their time pointing out problems and talking about what’s wrong with our world.

We certainly believe there are many things in our communities and in government that need to be changed.  But we’re not content to just feature shortcomings.

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Our goal is that you come away from this platform with a better understanding of the universe of ideas and solutions, answers to your questions about what works and why, and clarity on who it is that’s working on solving these problems in our neighborhoods and chambers of government.



Too often, government policies — and the communities and families they impact — are talked about in detached or abstract terms.

Opportunity Lives understands that policies are ultimately about people.  And so we’ve put together a new way to talk about issues and ideas — we call them Storyboards.

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In each storyboard, like this one on K-12 education, we feature not only problems and solutions, but leaders who are out in communities and working to reform government policies.  Each storyboard also contains a collections of stories containing real life examples of people who have overcome challenges, and how the policy solutions floated within governments work in real life.

We’ve not just in the business of highlighting ideas — we tell stories too.


You’ll also see throughout the Solutions Studio our Whiteboards.  Whiteboards are snappy and to the point — and feature topics like the key articles to read to get up to speed on President Trump’s first 100 days and key stats on the student loan crisis.

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Go explore!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by — now go explore our site.  We’ve got lots of solutions to highlight — to problems like college affordability, burdensome regulations, and antipoverty programs that don’t do enough to help the poor.

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We hope you’ll share your ideas with us too.

There are many problems to solve — it’s time to get busy.