6 Companies Changing the Face of Personal Healthcare

  • Fitbit
  • TalkSpace
  • Under Armour
  • CARROT Fit
  • Yoga Studio
  • SoulCycle


Far more than just a sleek little steps-tracker, Fitbits are changing the way people monitor their overall well-being. Founded in 2007, this fitness tracker has transformed into a way of life for millions of users around the world. Instead of designating a specific time solely focused on health, Fitbit seeks to implement fitness into the entire day. “Fitness is not just about gym time. It’s all the time”. Fitbits are customized to meet the specific needs of each user with their very own personalized reports, monitors and tips based on the information Fitbits collect. (Source: http://www.fitbit.com)


TalkSpace has revolutionized the mental health industry as we currently know it. Gone are the days of in-person therapist appointments. With TalkSpace, users chat with a therapist who meets their specific needs and then choose a payment plan (all of which are extremely affordable). After being matched with a therapist that specifically fits the needs of the patient, therapy via messaging begins, with guarnateed responses at least 1-2 times a day. $32 a week allows a user access to unlimited message therapy, allowing them to pick and choose the right times for consultations and appointments. The founders of TalkSpace believed that mental health services needed to be far more accessible to the “common” man than they were at the time. From the most basic therapy to intensive, day-to-day counseling, TalkSpace offers the highest quality counseling from licensed therapists in a community that’s welcoming and accepting. (Source: http://www.talkspace.com)

Under Armour

This sportswear-turned-lifestyle company has completely revitalized their brand and image with their user-friendly technology geared towards overall wellness for men, women and kids. They developed the “world’s first social network” for athletes and fitness lovers alike, connecting professionals and novices through open discussion and groups for all levels of fitness. From nutrition and workouts to sleep and activity tracking, Under Armour’s various apps have changed the way people incorporate healthcare into their daily lifestyles. MapMyFitness records every run, walk and hike. Wherever the user wants to goo, MapMyFitness records, analyzes and provides feedback. MyFitnessPal allows the user to, “take control of your nutrition, calories and exercise” by monitoring their progress, setting goals and recording every meal, snack and drink. With 5 million foods in their system, users can constantly monitor their calorie intake without feeling overwhelmed. (Source: http://www.underarmour.com)   


Arguably one of the most unique apps to hit the fitness tech scene, CARROT Fit seeks to motivate users to workout by inspiring, ridiculing, threatening or bribing through messages and voice clips that are nothing short of hilarious. This company has taken the pains of working out and transformed them into something memorable that leaves users feeling accomplished after the first workout and most importantly, returning for the next. One of it’s best features is the “7 minutes in hell” exercise–it forces the user to complete 12 “punishing exercises” in the 30 seconds and will “berate you” if you can’t complete each segment. Talk about motivation! It’s definitely a different approach to your typical workout app.

(Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/best-health-and-fitness-apps-for-iphone/)

Yoga Studio

Companies showing the quickest growth in the app and startup world are not necessarily following the latest trends in health and fitness, they’re just working themselves into the lifestyles of each user. Yoga Studio is an app developed for people with varied skill levels in Yoga. Whether it’s a first time trial or a veteran yogi, this app provides over 280 guided poses for users as well as HD video classes ranging from 10-60 minute sessions in varied levels of difficulty. Poses are guided at a realistic pace and beginners are easily acclimated with the workouts in no time. Yoga Studio provides freedom to switch from class to class without committing to one, specific program and most importantly, they seek to provide  (Source: http://www.yogastudioapp.com)


SoulCycle has completely transformed spinning classes into an entirely different type of workout. It’s not just an average spinning class, it’s an overall wellness experience. SoulCycle incorporates the spiritual aspects of fitness into their workouts from the moment you enter the studio, “with inspirational instructors, candelight, epic spaces and rocking music, riders can let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls”. This approach to working out is not only fun and unique, but it’s intense and leaves you feeling amazing and refreshed and is an entirely new approach to “going to the gym”. (Source: http://www.soul-cycle.com)