Why fixing Obamacare matters now more than ever

  • Americans don't like it
  • Costs are moving in the wrong direction
  • Businesses are getting crushed
  • Taxpayers are on the hook for a huge bill

Americans don't like it

President Obama’s healthcare law remains extremely unpopular.

Roughly half of Americans continue to oppose the Affordable Care Act, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Costs are moving in the wrong direction

Many consumers will see a double digit increase of the cost of their healthcare in 2017.

Analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows benchmark silver plans will go up by 10% in Denver, 18% in Portland, OR, and 25% in Nashville.

From the report:


Businesses are getting crushed

Health insurance companies continue to leave the exchanges.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Aetna… has announced it is withdrawing two-thirds of its ObamaCare coverage, pulling out of 536 of 778 counties where it does business. The third-largest U.S. insurer has lost about $430 million on the exchanges since 2014, and this carnage is typical. More than 40 other companies are also fleeing ObamaCare.

Taxpayers are on the hook for a huge bill

The estimated cost of Obamacare keeps going up.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that over the next decade, the net cost of Obamacare will total $1.4 trillion &mdash despite President Obama’s promise to make healthcare expenses less of a burden for American families and taxpayers.