4 shocking stats on government red tape

  • Regs: Bush v. Obama
  • 170,000 pages of rules
  • The people are skeptical
  • The huge burden on families

Regs: Bush v. Obama

Wondering how many regs President Obama’s administration has put in place compared to President Bush’s?: 

“In more than six years in office, President Obama had imposed more regulations than President Bush did in eight years.” -American Action Forum, August 2016 report

170,000 pages of rules

Analysis from the George Washington University shows the size of the Code of Federal Regulations, which contains all federal rules and regulations, has exploded in recent years:

“Its size (which has grown from 71,224 pages in 1975 to 178,277 at the end of 2015) provides a sense of the scope of existing regulations with which American businesses, workers, and consumers must comply.”

The people are skeptical

From a Pew Research Center study:

More than half of Americans think government regulations do more harm than good.

The huge burden on families

From the House Republicans “A Better Way” proposal:

“The American people now spend $1.89 trillion every year just to comply with Washington’s rules—approximately $15,000 per household.”