Wall Street Analyst Quits Job To Open Pizzeria, Feeds The Homeless

He was living the kind of life that seemed perfect, but he knew it couldn’t last.

For former Wall Street analyst Mason Wartman, the work of “supporting sell-side equity analysts as they produced research report on stocks” was a lot more fun than it sounds, and his peers were “generous, kind and brilliant,” he wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Still, he saw how tough it was to succeed longterm, and he knew in his heart that what he truly wanted to do was start his own business. As opposed to staying at his job and being “comfortable but happy,” leaving to become an entrepreneur was “an incredible experience.”

That doesn’t mean it was easy.

Now, however, after a couple years of hard work, Wartman runs a successful pizzeria in Philadelphia that also functions as a way to feed the area’s homeless.

He wrote:

On January 13th of this year, an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show aired featuring Rosa’s and our pay-it-forward business model through which our paying customers can pre-purchase slices of pizza that become available to any homeless person who walks through our doors.

In under 1 year of managing this program, we have given away over 11,000 slices of pizza and we feed about 50 homeless people every day. Many regular customers just buy pizza for themselves (we make great pizza!), but just as many customers also pre-purchase multiple slices for the area’s homeless people every time they visit.

It may have been a risk to leave Wall Street, but Warton finds true happiness in being his own boss and doing the tough work of running a business (and making sure the pizzas don’t burn).

As he concluded his post, he urged everyone to “start something new for yourself. Focus and persist. You’ll be glad you did.”

Check out the original LinkedIn post to read Warton’s full story.