VIDEO – Cop and Ex-Con Team Up to Provide Jobs in Their Community

CBS News has this inspiring story of trust and redemption:

For more than a decade, on the streets of Milwaukee, two men shared a mutual disgust. One was a hardnosed cop named Ray Robakowski…The other was a drug dealer and gang-banger named Jacob Maclin. Jacob got arrested so many times you can watch him grow old in his mugshots. And it was that career thug — and Ray the officer — who sat down one day over a cup of coffee. The district attorney’s office arranged it.

Ray thought Jacob was sure to screw up and wind up behind bars. But eventually, over the next couple months, Jacob proved to Ray that he wanted to get a job and turn his life around.

“He sent me on maybe 14 or 15 interviews in two weeks and one of them was Community Warehouse,” said Jacob.

Community Warehouse is a non-profit, home improvement store that hires ex-cons and teaches them job skills. Jacob started working there eight years ago and is now on the management team. To this day, he can’t thank Ray enough. …

Through Community Warehouse — with his new friend Jacob — Ray has now helped more than a dozen other ex-cons leave their past behind. Jacob says Ray is a different guy than when he first met him. …

Jacob, of course, is equally unrecognizable. Today his only high-speed chases are around swing sets. He’s got four kids and has vowed: the cycle stops with him.

All proof that if you can find the trust — sometimes your enemies can be your best allies.

Via CBS News.