Veterans Don’t Leave Their Brothers Behind – Even After They’ve Made It Back Home

With absurd wait times for care, long drives to facilities, a bureaucratic mess of forms and soulless administrative rooms, it’s clear that the Obama administration is failing America’s veterans.

But while politicians and pundits debate just what to do, some veterans in Indianapolis are tired of waiting. That’s why they decided to reach out to those in need among themselves to create “Homestead of our Heroes,” a group of veterans working find housing and permanent care for their fellow vets who are suffering.

The group, which is currently trying to raise funds on its GoFundMe page, told WishTV News that there are about 2,000 homeless vets currently living in Indianapolis, although that figure fails to take into account the hundreds of other vets living in their cars or on the couches of family and friends.

With the average vet waiting more than three weeks just to find a bed for a single night, let alone any actual kind of real care, Homestead of our Heroes said its mission is to provide permanent housing and independence for vets. This includes intensive case management, mental health counseling, financial counseling, substance abuse counseling and employment services.

As reported by WishTV News:

“Everybody should care,” said Founder Darell Johnson. “Me being a veteran, it pulls at me. The passion that we all share and our organization with others, it’s the passion and heart that we carry for all of our heroes in America.”

“Our mission among others is to be able to reach into those cracks that aren’t being reached into right now,” said Co-founder Chris Johnson. “With certain guidelines, certain restrictions, we’re wanting to be able to take and help every individual that walks in the door of our facility at Homestead of our Heroes. We want to be able to help that person no matter what their need is no matter their concern.”

Homestead of our Heroes is now among a growing number of community groups that are disillusioned by the failure of Washington and have begun to take matters into their own hands. From the first city to eliminate homelessness for vets, to helping vets find high-paying jobs in the tech industry, it’s clear that these community initiatives are having a more successful impact on the lives of vets than the tangled bureaucratic system has in recent years.

Head over to WishTV News to learn more about Homestead of our Heroes or visit the groups GoFundMe page to see how you can help.