This Is the Fastest Growing Business Sector in the U.S.

Venture Capital Post reports on the fastest growing business areas in the U.S.:

From the latest financial analysis of Sageworks, a financial information company, has identified the five fastest-growing business sectors in the United States. Sageworks based their analysis and conclusion list with these industries’ highest sales growth, from the recently released financial statement of American private companies.

The list from Sageworks, composed of the five fastest-growing small business sectors, provides the sales growth of each industry for the last twelve months. Based from their list, all of these small business sectors require a depth and specific skills, showing the need for a specific skill as a major foundation for these sectors. It also proves the complete consistency of demand for such skills that each sector requires to attain a certain business production. …

1. Computer Services

Based from the financial report of the last 12 months, the computer service industry had an accumulated 15.3 percent growth in sales, leading other small industries on this list. Under this business sector includes software system designs, data processing or management, and data security. As cybercrime rises and technology continues to progress, this business industry will always be in demand.

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