Supposed “Junk Metal” May Just Change the Future of Energy

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Solar power may not yet be the industry standard – most of us are still connected to the electrical grid in our homes, after all – but it has had its fair share of success in some parts of the world.

The only problem? It’s pretty darn expensive.

Now a team of scientists has found a way to make solar power far cheaper, which could usher in a new era of market-led energy innovation in the next few years.

Why should you care? Well, this new discovery means we won’t have to suffer through government-induced regulations that would force citizens to pay more for fossil fuel energy, miring the industry in headaches and inefficiencies. It also means no wasting of tax payer dollars on pointless “green energy” subsidies that attempt to force a warped liberal viewpoint on a successful American industry.

No, all it means is that we’re going to get cheaper and cleaner energy – and the industry will lead the way.

As the Indian Express reported, the recent discovery of a new usage for perovskite – once deemed a useless “junk metal” – will allow energy companies to mass produce a new era of solar power.

Current solar power panels require silicon to function, but “silicon is very labor-intensive and requires very high temperature to process,” research team leader Wei Lin Leon told the Indian Express.

Perovskite, on the other hand, is incredibly cheap and functions with nearly the same efficiency as silicon. What’s better, perovskite also functions well in over-heated temperatures. This means that even scalding hot sheet metal roofs can now have solar panels installed atop them, once an impossibility.

It just goes to show, market innovation will always rise to the occasion to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

Head over to the Indian Express for the full story.

Evan Smith is a Staff Writer for Opportunity Lives. You can follow him on Twitter @Evansmithreport.