Speaker Ryan: A Personal Journey

Here’s what people are saying about Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) the new Speaker of the House.

People say many things about everything and anything. Sometimes, they can be true, but most of the times they turn out to be fake rumours. Well, but here are some interesting facts about the most trending currency in the world; the bitcoin. 

The bitcoin founder is a mysterious piece of fact: 

The actual founder of the bitcoin cryptocurrency is under a mystery yet! There are many names that afloat on the internet, an about the founder of bitcoins, but not one is real and original. There are few names that come around, but we are not sure whether it’s a single person or a group of enthusiasts who founded it. 

Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency: 

Now, the world talks about how the currency is going to impact the world and how can we use it, effectively.  But, a person named Nakamoto was the one who developed the technology and visualised this new digital currency idea. The research studies show that the number of users using this digital currency has risen to 5Million users approximately.  

There is no authority to control this coin: 

Yes! Bitcoin and the crypto itself, doesn’t have any governing authority to check on the usage and its accumulation. It’s a complete user-controlled digital currency, that has no restrictions, limitations.  

Settlement time: 

When we use credit cards or even debit cards it might take a little longer to settle the dealings, but in cryptocurrency, the time is maximum 10minutes. You will only need maximum 10 minutes to close your dealing.  

There is no inherent value: 

The bitcoins and other crypto have no inherent value as such, unlike the other currencies. They increase in value as per the demand, and its popularity. With the technology evolution, with too many people getting connected to trade with bitcoin, the value increases, there is no point at which the coin is expected to stop growing. So rush to get all your coins, use the Crypto Code to make best out of the opportunity.  

There is a limit on bitcoin: 

Yes, you can never think that bitcoins are infinite because there is technology or any other powerful factor. There are limitations on the number of bitcoins you can generate.  

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Clare Burns is the founder and CEO of Calabur Productions and the director and producer of the Comeback series on Opportunity Lives.