The Freedom and Empowerment Plan (Gov. Bobby Jindal’s health care plan)

According to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Obamacare is an “unpopular, unworkable, and misguided law that should be repealed in its entirety.” To that end, in 2014 Jindal released a detailed health care plan which would repeal Obamacare entirely while putting in place a health care system built on conservative principles.

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The plan aims to lower costs while maintaining the high innovation and quality that defines much of America’s health system.

Governor Jindal’s plan features sixteen reforms around three themes: Lowering health care costs, protecting the must vulnerable, and increasing portability and choice. Jindal described the plan he developed in partnership with the America Next group:

“The plan focuses like a laser beam on controlling the health care issue that matters most to Americans — skyrocketing health costs. The plan empowers the states to enact reforms that can bring down costs, while also guaranteeing access for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Rather than stifling states with additional regulations from Washington, the America Next plan offers them incentives to improve their insurance markets in ways that offer more choices and lower costs. As a result, Americans should benefit from new avenues to buy portable health insurance they can own themselves — through their church, alumni group or trade association — and lower premiums, too. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office previously analyzed reforms similar to those in the America Next plan and found that they could reduce individual health insurance premiums by thousands of dollars per family.”

Under Governor Jindal’s proposal, the federal government would repeal excessive mandates, regulations, and unequal tax treatments and allow consumers and states to control their health care dollars and spending. Specifically:

Equalize the tax treatment between employer-sponsored health care insurance and individually purchased insurance by giving all Americans the same standard health care deduction.
Guaranteed access for individuals with pre-existing conditions through a $100 billion fund for the states. States would design a system (such as a high-risk pool, reinsurance provisions, or another model) that protects their most vulnerable in return for federal funding.
Expanded Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).
More incentives for wellness and transparency while cracking down on fraud.
Premium support for Medicare to ensure the program’s continued existence.
Turn Medicaid into a grant program and allow states additional flexibility to fit their needs.
Put real pro-life protections into place.
Reform laws restricting:
the supply of new hospitals and health care professionals;
seniors’ choice of medical providers;
insurance options for people leaving their jobs;
and cross-state insurance purchasing.
Enact common-sense lawsuit reform to crack down on frivolous lawsuits.