Increase access to charter schools

Improving our country’s charter schools is another important option for providing parents more choice and say in their child’s education.  

One way to do that?  By passing The Expanding Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act, which gives states and local communities greater control over the establishing of charter schools while streamlining the grant application process.  The legislation also allows charter schools to serve pre-kindergarten or post-secondary school students, and encourages charter schools to focus on special populations, including at-risk students, students with disabilities, and English learners.

The bill details include the following:

“The legislation directs the U.S. Secretary of Education “to conduct national activities that include: providing state entities with technical assistance in awarding subgrants to charter school developers; disseminating best practices regarding public charter schools; evaluating the charter school program’s impact, including its impact on student achievement; awarding competitive grants directly to charter school developers in states that have not applied for or received a charter school grant to open, replicate, and expand charter schools; and awarding competitive grants to charter management organizations or nonprofit organizations that oversee and coordinate a group of such organizations to expand and replicate high-quality charter schools.”

You can read more on Senator Mark Kirk’s website, or read a summary from Education Week.