¡Opportunity Vive!

¡Opportunity Vive!

Opportunity Vive is a show that talks about policy in America in the context of the new America with an ever-growing Latino population. We're optimistic about the future and for a good reason. Listen and be inspired.

March Madness on Capitol Hill

Jorge Bonilla, a Conservative commentator, keeps up with politics and policy with the same enthusiasm of the most ardent March Madness fan. But while others are wringing their hands over shambolic brackets, Bonilla is on the edge of his seat, waiting to see where the Trump administration takes things next. This week he comes on to break down how Trump’s budget could impact Hispanics all across the nation.

Behind the Scenes of Health Care Reform

Wadi Gaitan of the Libre Initiative knows politics: the big picture stuff, of course, but also the granular details of negotiation and compromise that don’t typically appear on mainstream news. This week he comes on to break down those fine points, while also explaining the challenges Conservatives face in ushering in a new era of health care reform.

From Cuba with Love: Raul Lopez talks politics

When your childhood is defined by fleeing communism in Cuba, you can’t help but view the United States in a particular light. Raul Lopez, executive director of Latinos for Tennessee, comes from just that background. Perhaps that’s why he feels a sense of excitement bubbling beneath the surface of today’s political discourse, while so many others feel nothing but uncertainty. This week he comes on to offer up his unique perspective on how Latinos are handling the Trump era — the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.

A House Divided

This week on Opp Vive, we take a look at the state of the Republican Party as it stumbles into its most crucial weeks. Health care, education reform, tax reform, entitlement burdens: It all comes down to whether or not unity can be found in these most polarizing of issues. We’ve got a panel of experts — Raul Lopez, Wadi Gaitan and Jorge Bonilla — to shed light on how success can be achieved, and where the land mines are buried. Listen in!

Dissecting the American Health Care Act

This week on Opp Vive, we bring in John Desser, vice president of government affairs at E Health, who will walk us through the ups and downs of the American Health Care Act — otherwise known as the Obamacare replacement bill. With Conservative in-fighting, and rocks being tossed from the Left, where will the GOP-led legislature take things from here?

The First 100 Days Blues

We’re just a few weeks in, but already the Trump administration is making huge waves both domestically and abroad. From education to immigration (and let’s not forget that great wall), we let top political analyst Adryana Boyne break down what it all means to the Hispanic community.

Shining a light on quality education

This week is National School Choice week, and for so many families across the country, it’s a time for celebration. True, access to quality schools is still out of reach for far too many kids, but those who have found opportunities through school choice are raising their voices, letting the nation know that now is the time for change. We let Stephanie Matthews of the Texas Public Policy Foundation illuminate the way forward.

Like Playing Jenga in Outer Space

With Republicans in full control of the federal government, one thing is pretty much certain: Obamacare is going down hard. But when you’ve got to dismantle the most granular of policy details, while also drafting a massively broad expanse of bureaucratic architecture — not to mention charting the murky waters of DC politics — it can begin to feel like playing a game of Jenga in outer space. This week, we bring things back down to earth with clear commentary on where health care needs to go from here.

Repeal, Replace — Wax On, Wax Off

This week we’re joined by Senator Mike Lee of Utah for a discussion on how to return power to the people, how to repeal and replace Obamacare, and how to reign in the last administration’s extreme executive overreach. (Y tambien hablamos en espanol con Senador Lee, escucha!).

Trump and Trade

Out of nowhere, trade became one of the core issues of the election. But as Dr. Vance Ginn of the Texas Public Policy Foundation explains, trade has always played a vital role in the economic and cultural well-being of the electorate. Now with Trump on his way into the office, will his explosive rhetoric yield real results? More to the point, are those results even a good thing?