OppCast is a weekly podcast from Opportunity News Media that cracks through the surface of political commentary to reveal the people, stories and passions behind the headlines. With commentary from elected officials, gang leaders, preachers, writers, business executives, activists and everyone in between, we flesh out the bare bones political noise for your listening pleasure.

Rep. Phil Roe: “I’ve known Tom Price for years, let me tell you who the man really is….”

When it comes to confirming Trump’s cabinet picks, the past few weeks have been anything but easy. What with the slew of misinformation being purported by Democrat Party surrogates, it can be tough to get a clear picture of who these nominees really are. That’s why this week we’ve brought in Congressman and fellow physician Dr. Phil Roe (R- TN) to provide a full portrait of Health and Human Services nominee Dr. Tom Price. Who is the man really? What drives him? And how is he dealing with all this added scrutiny? Listen in to find out.

Black America and education reform

Today marks the last day of School Choice Week 2017, a nationwide celebration with more than 21,000 events in all 50 state. But even though the uplifting message of the week is stronger than ever, we want to break down why all these rallying cries absolutely must be transformed into real political action. That’s why we’re bringing you a special American Enterprise Institute presentation by Professor Howard Fuller of Marquette University, who will explain the role of race and class in modern education reform.

Repeal and Replace 101

This week on OppCast, we bring together an expert panel to break down exactly what must happen for Congress and the Trump administration to smoothly repeal and replace Obamacare. From the tiniest details to the broadest of strokes, we’ll paint a clear picture of the challenges the nation will face during the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

How one DC mother rose out of welfare and taught her daughter “to soar”

To kick off 2017, we bring you a special story of hope. When Crystal Jenkins got pregnant with her daughter in the projects of Washington DC, she had no home, no job and no hope for a better future. Drugs, crime and poverty plagued her life, but her daughter gave Crystal the strength to dream. Now she says her daughter “will have what I never had, she’ll know she can do anything she wants in this life, she’ll know she can soar…” Listen to find out how she did it.

What’s the future of polling?

When so many polls got it so wrong this past November, is polling dead as we know it? We sit down with Kristen Anderson, co-host of the Pollsters podcast, to understand exactly what went wrong and how pollsters are adapting to the changing political landscape.

Why Obama counties flipped for Trump

This week, a look at the heartland: We sent our producer Evan Smith to the Rust Belt of Ohio to investigate counties that voted for Obama in ’08 and ’12 but then flipped for Trump this past November. What caused this reversal of outcome? The answer may not be as simple as you think.

Bob Woodson: “Share your journey, find meaning together”

“Godfather of the grassroots” and civil rights leader Bob Woodson speaks on a life well-lived, his personal interactions with President-elect Trump, where the Conservative movement is heading under the new administration, and how neighborhood initiatives to fight poverty and decay are changing the face of the nation. Woodson also talks about changes taking place at the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, which is soon to undergo a very special name change. Finally, we break down expectations for Trump’s cabinet.

The Man Who Knew Trump Would Win

While everyone else was left scratching their heads, one man saw it coming clear as day. This week on OppCast we sit down with Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, to discuss how he knew Trump would win, why he believes Steve Bannon is being misrepresented, and why Weekly Standard columnist Steve Hayes might just show up wearing a speedo to this year’s CPAC. Later, co-host Ellen Carmichael breaks down the “Rubio Effect” and what it means for the next election cycle.

Where do we go from here?

Now that the election is finally over, the tough job of paving the future of America has begun. But how much of president-elect Trump’s stated goals are mere lip-service to his base, and how much could become actual policy? Hosts John Hart and Ellen Carmichael weigh in on the obstacles the new administration will have to hurdle, and what it means for the national Conservative movement going forward.

The Reckoning

It’s finally here. Election day. The final reckoning. As the clock ticks down to zero hour, we sit down to run through the last minute numbers, talking points and demographics (and discuss what we’ll each be drinking on election night). Join us on the lifeboat.