Robert Gates Partners With Uber To Create Jobs for Veterans

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Uber Technologies CEO Travis Kalanick explain their partnership to help veterans in Politico Magazine:

For those who have served our country in the post-9/11 era, unemployment is nearly twice the national average. The rate for our youngest veterans — those under 25 — is more than three times the national unemployment average at a staggering 21.4 percent, and 25 percent of military spouses are also unemployed. Even more daunting is that over the next five years we can expect to see 300,000 service members transition to the civilian workforce every year.

It is with that in mind that we have launched UberMILITARY. Over the next 18 months, Uber will bring 50,000 service members, veterans and military spouses onto the Uber platform as drivers, empowering them as entrepreneurs and small business owners. To deliver on this goal, we’ve created the UberMILITARY Advisory Board and are building out a team of subject-matter experts who will continue to put forward new initiatives to positively impact military communities.

Read Gates’ and Kalanick’s full column here.