Fed Up with Spin about Trump’s Refugee Policy? Get the Facts

President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugee policy has attracted tons of controversy over the past few weeks, and the debate over it has often shed more heat than light on the issue.

Which is where Opportunity Lives’ Solutions Studio comes in.

We’ve got a storyboard on the refugee issue that will just give you the straight facts on the Trump refugee policy, helping you to answer questions like:

  • Isn’t it inhumane, and uncompassionate?
  • Does it betray the American tradition of welcoming the less fortunate?
  • Does President Trump have a point about the security threat refugees pose to the U.S.?
  • Are there other ways to help victims of conflict than resettling them here as refugees?

Go here to find out more.

Or watch Opportunity Lives contributor Patrick Brennan talk about the storyboard on BoldTV: