Uses of Smart Contracts in Today’s World

Today more and more people have come to terms with cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, bitcoins, ethereum, and more. Therefore, it is time to introduce you to the main usability of this powerful technology.  

What is a Smart Contract? 

A smart contract is nothing but a computer-generated protocol that is aimed to verify, facilitate, and sometimes even enforce a negotiation digitally. The main purpose of a smart contract is that it allows credible transactions to perform without the involvement of any third party.   


The two main features of smart transactions are that:  

  1. These can be tracked  
  1. The transactions are irreversible 

Why is Ethereum preferred over Bitcoins? 

Smart contracts prefer using ethereum over to bitcoins or others because the Ethereum blockchain:  

  1. Follows a much more complex algorithm 
  1. Supports a wide range of transactions 
  1. Makes use of numerous decentralized applications 
  1. Allows easy execution of smart contracts 


A common form of smart contracts that has gained popularity recently is the ones that make use of the Ethereum Code otherwise known as the Ethereum Smart Contracts. Smart contracts due to its unique features find use in different fields, some of which are listed below.  

  1. Smart contracts allow users to carry out different transactions that include creation of accounts that would normally require more than one user signature for the transaction to process.  
  1. Smart contracts are an ideal way of creating formal agreements (or contracts) between different kinds of users.  
  1. These contracts also enable users to avail different utility services as per the terms and conditions in the service contract.  
  1. Smart contracts find great use in storing information related to domain registrations, in addition to storing data pertaining to website hosting and others.  
  1. Smart contracts find great use in situations where numerous executions that are bound by predefined conditions need to be carried out. This is because smart contracts make use of programming languages where conditions can be easily incorporated.  
  1. Smart contracts are preferred in situations that call for easy online transactions and where execution time and process are short and quick.  

Thus, the usability of smart contracts, specifically the Ethereum smart contracts is ample. It also finds use for several different purposes. Hence, it has a wide scope for future research because of which developers and programmers are getting more and more involved in tapping this huge versatile network. Therefore, it is recommended that users start utilizing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network to benefit from the numerous advantages that these have to offer.