No Man Left Behind #HoustonStrong

The beauty of humanity emerges in the darkest of times as we’ve seen throughout the last few days as coverage of the destruction that is Harvey continues to spread over the internet. While we count on governmental agencies and relief programs to respond immediately, the lessons learned from storms like Katrina and Sandy combined with the power of social media’s reach has proven to be a light for so many millions of people affected by this natural disaster.

While we hear of mandatory evacuations and curfews implemented throughout the area, people have taken matters into their own hands, refusing to leave their neighborhoods and communities until every last person is out of harm’s way. People like Kris Morris utilized social media to pinpoint people in real-time, allowing him access to constant communication and targeting in order to rescue people in the quickest time possible. For Kris, leaving his fellow community members behind wasn’t an option, as is the case for so many other Texans devastated by this horrifying storm. If nothing else, this video provides a framework for the attitude so desperately needed during not only times of crisis, but in times of happiness and prosperity. Natural disasters are not fabricated instances-they take no survivors and leave no exceptions. Possessions are swept away, money becomes irrelevant and status knows no importance when entire neighborhoods are underwater. Yet people like Kris provide inspiration for all of us watching. Leave no one behind and look out for one another.

Kris, thank you.