Newly Married Bride Saves Life In Wedding Gown

(Julie Stryone with her husband / Photo: AZ Tags)

The wedding was fun, sure. But the reception was life-changing.

Well, life-changing for one women, whose life was saved after a close brush with death.

As AZ Tags reports, Julie Stryone had just gotten married and was walking out of the Pennsylvania Hotel in Pittsburgh, her handsome groom at her side, when they heard screaming nearby.

“Does anyone know CPR? Is anyone a doctor?” someone yelled.

Twenty-four-year-old Stryone is no stranger to that kind of tension. As a trauma nurse at the local UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, she faces life and death situations each day.

That’s why it was no surprise to her wedding guests when the young nurse sprang into action, rushing over to where a women lay unconscious.

From AZ Tags:

Due to her medical instincts, Stroyne reacted immediately. She rushed over to the bench where there was a woman in her early 20s lying unconscious.

Stroyne dropped her flowers and purse, and began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the unconscious woman.

As she explained later, she forgot all about her wedding and social obligations for a moment and focused on saving the woman.

And while a medical emergency usually isn’t the best omen for a wedding day, saving a life surely is a sign of good karma ahead, and Stoyne and her husband were all smiles.

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