New Group Launches to Promote Self Reliance Among Latino Community

When it launched in 2009, Think Freely Media had one goal: to promote liberty. The group does this by working with decision makers and thought leaders to help them better communicate why limited government and free market solutions benefit all Americans. Evidence that liberty-minded messaging strategies work can be found in the many pro-liberty victories, such as school choice and right-to-work laws, being won in states and nationwide.

Recently, Think Freely Media launched a liberty-minded “vertical” called Think Freely Latino, with the goal of inspiring and informing Hispanic Americans through stories of self-reliance, entrepreneurship and service. The project’s website,, will “share stories of our leaders, success stories, and unsung heroes,” the project’s director said in a press release.

Hispanics play an increasingly important role in the rich fabric of American society, with a total population currently numbering around 57 million. Latinos made up more than half of total U.S. population growth between the years 2000 and 2014, and the U.S. Census Bureau estimates they’ll make up over 28 percent of the population by 2060.

“The U.S. Hispanic and Latino community is filled with role models – successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers who are making positive contributions that stretch far beyond their individual communities,” said Think Freely Latino director Sandra Pedroarias.

“The U.S. Hispanic and Latino community is filled with role models – successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers who are making positive contributions that stretch far beyond their individual communities”

Think Freely Latino takes the liberty messaging model perfected by Think Freely Media, and applies it to the unique challenges and opportunities of outreach to Hispanics across the nation.

One major goal is to present Latinos with alternatives that steer them away from government dependency and toward self-reliance.

Pedroarias told Opportunity Lives that she sees her role as telling a “truthful, faithful narrative about who Hispanics are.” And who are they? According to Pedroarias, they are a diverse community of family-oriented individuals; they are entrepreneurs who desire a better life and want to give back to their communities. Think Freely Latino seeks to tell their stories and celebrate the values of freedom and independence.

Getting outside the “echo chamber” isn’t the goal of Think Freely Latino. Just the opposite, says Pedroarias, who envisions delving deep into Hispanic communities, amplifying positive messages of community, civility, and national unity. To do this, Think Freely Latino will use its website to engage Hispanics and Latinos in meaningful conversations about the benefits of a living in a free society, while staying true to the values that make the Hispanic community unique.

“Everyday Heroes,” for example, will profile success stories from these communities and emphasize the empowerment that comes with giving back and helping others. These stories will serve not only to inspire, but reinforce the importance of triumphing over adversity and tapping into the natural entrepreneurial spirits of Latinos, and, ultimately, empowering them to live fulfilling lives


Pedroarias also said the TFL website will serve as a resource center, connecting Latinos in need with the resources necessary to help them become self-reliant. TFL will work with community leaders to identify the best resources available to individual communities. Outreach programs will be put in place to act as a positive voice, especially in smaller American communities experiencing an influx of Hispanics.

A 10-member advisory board is in place to assist TFL in mapping out the steps necessary to engage, inform and inspire Hispanics and Latinos. At the recent launch, board member Allen Gutierrez, National Executive Director of the Latino Coalition, remarked, “I am honored to join the Think Freely Latino Advisory Board and contribute to their new Hispanic and Latino outreach project. Throughout my career, I have connected with thousands of Hispanic and Latino small business owners across the country who are finding ways to give back, despite regulatory or economic pressures of recent years. I truly look forward to connecting TFL with these passionate individuals, and their amazing stories.”

When asked what the end game is for Think Freely Latino, Pedroarias told Opportunity Lives it is “to grow a community that is entrepreneurial and self-reliant. We don’t want them to get stuck in a cycle of dependency.”

Teri Christoph is a contributor for Opportunity Lives, a co-founder of Smart Girl Politics, an online community for conservative women, and a full-time fundraiser for conservative candidates and causes. She lives in Leesburg, Virginia, with her husband and four children. Follow Teri on Twitter @TeriChristoph.